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whos going to the SUPERBIKES????

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by GMAN, Feb 18, 2005.


  2. Will definately be there. Staying in a house in Cowes with a group of ummmm 'friends' :LOL:
    I will prob only go to the track on the Sunday tho and spend saturday in Cowes having a look at all the men in leathers.... I mean bikes!!! :D
  3. Wouldn't miss it for the world. Hope to go for all three days.
  4. Myself And Ratty (Ratbag) have got tickets for the Sunday. Will probably be riding down
  5. I'm planning to be there for the full three days.

    Is there going to be a coffee night on the Friday? Might be able to put some names to the faces.
  6. Coffee nights go ahead regardless of what else is on :) You will always find people there that don't attend the other events.
  7. Considering PI is south of Melb, I shall be heading DOWN there... Is that the same????

    Staying at the house Deb has secured and perving on the leather-clad, buff boys in Cowes on Sat. Might even check out the bikes too... :wink:
  8. Anyone know if I can buy tickets from somewhere other than the track???
  9. When is it BTW (I'm too lazy to go searching)?

    We should arrange a ride down for the bods heading down on Sunday (and I'll be one fo them).

    WSB should be far more interesting this year....I doubt if the Dukes will win it, which of course will make it even more interesting next year :D

    Now all we need is for Rossi to lose MotoGP, Shumy to lose F1 and we'll be laughing 8)
  10. WSBK from 1st to 3rd April.. And i will be there from Thursday arvo to Monday morning ;)
  11. Im thinking of going and camping it trackside....
  12. Cowes has a Blue Oyster Bar? Cool! Must remember to pack chaps...for the chaps :wink:
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Didn't look at it like that!!
  14. I'll be heading down to do my medical thang all 3 days.. will prolly head down the Thurs night since I have to be at the track at the crack of bloody dawn :roll:

    I'll definently be up for some beverages and visiting afterwards though! :D
  15. wouldn't miss it for the world...
    i'm up in sydney that week but am flying home to go to the bikes!
  16. Mike & I will be commuting each day from Cranny so we can sleep in our own beds. Spare beds available here if anyone wants them.
  17. Dome are trying to convince me to work again this year.

    Do I, Don't I, Do I, Don't I, Do I, Don't I..........

  18. We've got a cabin in the Cowes Caravan Park for a small group.

    Very motor cycle friendly, I can recommend them if people are camping and find the track side campground a bit full on :)