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Who's going to the"Glenferrie" to watch MOTO GP???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Rom Rom, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    Will be going down to the Glenferrie with Aron, and friends to watch the race at around 7pm.

    Telecast starts from 6.45pm on FOX SPORTS.

    Let us know if ur coming down.

    P.S: Wheather should be no excuse today!!

    RR :))
  2. just called them and they have booked the area for us , will come but will not stay late.
  3. Prolly will make thre
  4. bugger... slept in late... less time to get through all the work i need to get through.... will try to make it for a while anyway.... c x
  5. The main race ain't on 'til last anyway Carri!

    I'm there, Chengaleng may well be too.
  6. I had to leave early cos i was passing out.
    Took the day off work today (feeling sick :()
    Had a strange dream about racing horses bareback around the city :shock:
    thanks sean for smsing me the results :grin:

    ps loz im a way better horse rider than you
  7. Fine, but I do better horse wheelies.
  8. Eswen, in the dream were the horses bare-back, or you? Makes a lot of difference to the interpretation thereof, you know :LOL:
  9. the horses were bareback :p
    give me a break - i only just woke up!

    it was a pretty cool dream though :) I had another one about going through a worm hole. and one other one which i cant remember too well.