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Who's going to the airshow???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by firefling, Mar 18, 2005.

  1. Is anybody going there tomorrow?

  2. If you do, ride the bike. Traffic into Avalon was a nightmare when I went to the last show, kilometres of cars going nowhere.
  3. I'm there and I believe a few others are making the trip down as well.

    Actually about to wander out of the office for a site visit to Werribee so I can pick my possie over the road for tonights display.

    Traffic depends on how late you leave in the morning and for $40 I'm going early & long...........
  4. Yep, Jas and I are heading down to Geelong tonight and will go Avalon from the South fairly early tomorrow. Hopefully coming from the South and on bikes and fairly early should mean zero traffic issues for us :p
  5. I'm in.
    Heading off from Altona about 8am or so.
    Expecting a stack of cars blocking the road.
    Should look a treat with a pull through and a couple of folding chairs on the back of the trump.. :D
  6. I am going on the sunday but in the cage parking not an issue if you have contacts and a private parking pass Thanks schenker
  7. Just back from the night show and have to report that traffic was good once you cleared the westgate bridge.

    Mind you I didn't go into the airport but propped outside with a heap of other cheapskates.

    Will be in there tomorrow though.
  8. Yeah I'm going. But will be filming so won't have much time for fun :(
  9. Only prob with the Avalon/Dandos Rd way in is it has several km's of gravel :roll: which is not your average riders friend and the quarry trucks who are no ones friend :shock: (Sorry I didn't warn you but I forgot it's been years since I wandered down that end of the airport).

    Survived the air show yesterday followed by a night of Speedcar racing at the Speedway over the road :D

    Anyway, the F15, F16 & F1-11 were great (you really need to see the dump and burn at night to appreciate how bright it really is). Getting in and out was easy from the Geelong (Avalon Rd) side, then again being in a car means the gravel wasn't a problem :p

    Charging $8.00 to park a car in a paddock was a bit rich as was the food prices which were so high you need a helicopter to reach them.

    I'm still trying to decide if the WW2 war birds (with Merlin engines) or Connie flying are my highlights, got to love the sound of radial engines.

    Introducing a 4 year old nephew to an air show was great except when we went to meet up with someone who was near the "kids" amusements, so we lost a bit of time there while the little bloke terroised the jumping castle & slide.

    Just went through the photo's on the digital camera from yesterday and the little terror took better photo's than I did :x

    Oh and the funniest thing at the Speedway last night was going to a crashed Speedcar and while I was putting a chain on the car to tow it to safety the driver called me over and said "get me push started" to which I replied "Mate, your right front wheel is over at turn 4" mind you he was parked in the middle of the track at turn 3 at the time :LOL: