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Who's going to TEXT for Christmas??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. With Telstra gearing up for literally millions of text messages tomorrow, who's going to take the lazy, impersonal and cowardly option of sending text messages for Chrtistmas, instead of making someone's day with a personal call? Bulk greetings, anyone? UGH, what fools technology enables us to be.....

  2. I have a lot of very good friends and still some distant family in the UK. Being able to text them all on Xmas morning (their time) is a blessing. I can't afford the time or money to call the UK a couple of dozen times.
  3. But you did send them Christmas cards, right?

    I agree with Paul. SMS'ing has turned our lives into remote, impersonal ones. People get dumped from relationships via SMS, or are advised that they are no longer employed via gutless employers who don't have the decency to talk to these people face to face.

    If a family member or friend is close enough then I'll make the effort to call them (and via VOIP too, so Telstra doesn't get any more dough that it needs to).

    On Xmas Day we're setting up Skype and a site called mebeam.com to do a video conference call between family members both here and overseas. We tried it the other night and it worked a charm. Skype for voice, mebeam for video.
  4. Sure, I sent them all cards and I call them all from time to time for that personal catch up. But there's no harm in dropping out a text on xmas morning to all of them.

    I agree that dumping people or sacking people via text is atrocious, but a quick, "Hello, thinking of you!" text is nice. Technology is making us pretty robotic in a lot of ways, but don't throw out the baby with the bathwater.
  5. I sent 3 to the family I will be seeing this arvo... but have received many more times that in SMS's...

    Don't get me wrong tho.... I don't plan to call anyone I don't already intend on seeing... :p
  6. whoah thar big fella, that's just YOUR opinion lol. Sure there certainly are some morally ambiguos things one should never communicate via SMS but sending Christmas wishes to those you think of highly but can't be with is probably not among them. Yep technology has given us an alternative way to relay words of our choice, but how is an SMS of good will any different to a post on a forum for the same reason ?

    Besides if I had all the addresses of all the good folk here on NR I still freely admit to being too lazy to send 11venty billion Christmas cards. Judging by the SMS's I have received from said NR folk I feel all warm and fuzzy that i'm in their thoughts today, and far from appalled they chose text instead of speech.

    Nothing wrong with it ..... in MY opinion. Merry Christmas to you bloke :)
  7. I sent quite a few text messages at 12:30am today wishing friends a Merry Xmas. I was to be spending the day in hospital with my Nan and not even going to the family Xmas lunch so SMS was my only real option. I don't send cards either....I lurve trees and I think they are a waste of time because most people throw them out early in the New year anyway. On saying that, I love the cards that I have received :grin:

    Note to self: Wait until a reasonable hour to send mass Xmas text messages next year, or be woken every few minutes right thru the night with return messages :oops:
  8. I wanted to text, i wanted to send a quite reasonable text explaining how to find the front door and leave before the glorius day and riding weather ran out, but my better wiser half explained that mother in laws and sisters are allowed to linger like terrible farts on 1 day of the year :LOL:
  9. I sent this out to my work collegues and friends and got several suitable replies.

    Hey "insert name". Have a "safe/merry/happy" "christmas/birthday/easter/new year", and don't "insert embarrassing in-joke here" :D

    Oh, they all got exactly the same thing word for word and it wasn't personalised :LOL:
  10. Yup for sure I hate the impersonal spam messages, so stupid - peer pressure to join in on giving phone companies a huge boost in profit for the day.
  11. I sent 3 ...... to people I knew would still be in bed sleeping off the previous night's "celebrations".

    Oh yeah, they were sent at 6am :grin:

    Yes, I am evil. :p