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Who's from Adelaide?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Az, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm just about to enter the land of the free (rider) and i was wondering if there are many other people here from Adelaide? I'd like to meet other learners and experienced riders too.


  2. fellow learner here, also in adelaide
  3. you wouldn't have happened to been down the bay on friday arvo?
    I saw a red VTR with a L plate on it down there...
  4. yeah that was me visting a mate down at glenelg. Small world, well adelaide anyways. There where tons of bikes down there on sun, it was like heaven. I think it was for that protest thing bout the parking spot by the old post office.
  5. Who's from Adelaide?.............I am

    Hi Gordon, Az,
    This weekend I hope to be re-joining the "free" people, after a nearly 20 yr
    Hope no-one buys 'my' bike before I get a test ride on Sat.

    Hey Gordon....isn't that weird....used to live at Coro valley when I last had a bike.....now at Aberfoyle Park

    See you round.........
  6. Adelaide boy here
  7. Welcome all the new Adelaidians! You'll have to organise a coffee night up there to meet up :D
  8. Sounds like a good idea to me.

    Expressions of Interest people?

    P.S... Had my bike for three days now, oh what fun!
  9. Hi Az,

    Gordon lives near Blackwood
    I live near Blackwood

    Az, Source, where are you guys?
  10. Hiya

    I'm a 47 year old Adelaide scooterist from Cowandilla (between the airport and town).
  11. Hi All,

    I'm up at Surrey Downs. (between the village and ttp)

    Have wheels will travel....
  12. Hey hey,

    Adelaide here also. Picking my bike up this arvo, one of those silver zx2r's.. first thing I do is rip the decals off, they're hideous :D

    I'm up on gorge road, would be cool to catch up with you dudes when I've got some miles on the clock
  13. Wish this weather would be a little more reliable this arvo... hanging to get out on the bike...
  14. AF2AF3, its quite a nice place to live, good old blackwood. I like the fact that in like 2minutes you can be in hills. Although the roads could b resealed and made all smooth, but you have to live with what youve got. lol. We should all catch up go for a ride someday. To bad the weathers starting to piss itself.
  15. get on the across forum (gsx-f ) there might be a couple on there two

  16. yeah, it's starting to clear up a bit... still haven't got the damn bike, the dude isn't back from holidays yet, this is killing me

    especially since I won't be able to ride tomorrow with work etc.
  17. from kent town here

    theres a few guys i ride with from the ocau mc forums

    be good to get a few new guys on the rides
  18. hey source,
    you wouldn't be able to post a link to that forum could you?
  19. Thanks for that.