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Who's excited

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Grey Gentry, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Our Alpine Ride. :biker: Mainly Victorian 1000GTR owners
    Accommodation Mt Beauty Holiday Centre 4 nights.
    Melbourne Cup weekend November 06
    Loose Itinerary.
    Friday 3rd: Leave Mildura 7am Lunch Echuca. Meet others at Shepparton 2pm.
    Saturday: Ride to Anglers Rest or Benambra via Omeo. Others arriving Saturday afternoon. Pub Dinner Saturday Night.
    Sunday: Lunch ride to Beechworth Bakery, via Mt Buffalo. Farewell visitors, return to Mt Beauty for a run up to Falls Creek.
    Monday: Murray River Road meander.
    Tuesday: Return home to Mildura via ???

    My wife Marlene (ZZR600) and I (1000GTR) are leaving for Mt Beauty in the morning.
    Guess who's excited! :woot:

    I'll post some pics and a report later.

    You maybe able to follow our progress by going to www.findu.com and entering "vk3ecv-9" without the quotes. Should work for most of Friday and Tuesday.
  2. Meet others at Shepparton 2pm.

    So does that mean your staying over the night in shepp??
    if so might have to come say hi? if not sorry i missed you guys maybe well catch up on your way back