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Who's due for upgrade soon??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by hornet, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. New riders join all the time, many don't stay all that long, but some do. So who is due off restrictions any time soon (say, between now and the end of the year, as an arbitrary point) and what are your plans, and why??

  2. I think most riders want 'just that little bit more'. I went straight onto a Gixxer 600 as my first serious bike about 6 months ago and I wouldn't rule out a 1000cc sports bike in the near future. I know any 600 sports has enough power for me, BUT, wouldn't a 1000 be nice sometimes :twisted:
  3. Restrictions end early November.

    I'm staying on the VTR. :grin:

    => I can lose my license easily enough on it. :oops:

    => It's great embarrasing some of the bigger bikes on the twisties. :LOL:

    => It's mine (paid cash). :!:

    => I can't afford to upgrade.. :cry:
  4. i am overdue for an upgrade, been off restrictions for 'ears.
    looking at a brand spanking cbrrrrrrrrrrr1000rrrrrr or a vtr1000f. im very very confused and torn between which i want. hopefully by april my mind will be made up.
    ridiculously fast looking or semi-nekkid, inline or v, thump or zoom......aaaahhhhhh :?
  5. After over 2 years of riding the ZZR-250 (did 15 months on my L's and 12 on my P's) my restrictions finally run out at the end of this month.

    Despite the fact I really want to upgrade, I might get a major service and some nice new tyres for the ZZR and do a couple of ride days out at Broadford or PI before condemning her to second bike status, and see if I really need a big bike.
  6. Me!

    I'm gonna get me a 600 CBR F4!
  7. I am leaning towards a new ER-6N. I probably wait till early next year.
  8. I finished my restrictions a while ago but didn't do any riding on my P's at all.

    I bought my bike a few weeks ago as a project/tinker toy and will have it on the road as money and time allows.

    I wanted to do the jump from not having ridden anything more powerful than a GS500 to a 600-750 supersport.

    After test riding a VFR400 I decided to restrict myself to a 600 until my skills and road craft have taken a massive jump.
  9. I have my test on the 16th... then we'll see. My primary project is to put fuel injection on my ZZR-250. Because I can. I'm planning to ride that thing around for maybe another year or so before I get a big bike, I just don't think I'm smooth enough or ready enough to jump on anything bigger.
  10. Well I'm booked in for the m.o.s.t. test next month, pass that and I'm unrestricted. I'm in hte process of looking for my upgrade to a gs500f. A little different from the zeal but I'm liking the faired bikes and the gs is just right for a short ass like myself :grin:. so maybe if mybe if I beg hubby a little more :shock: I'll have it by the careflight ride at the end of october :cool: And why a bigger bike :?: . We want to do more open road rides like to wagga, dubbo.

  11. I'm off restrictions in a few days (would have been last month if it wasn't for going too fast on the Hume)

    I want to upgrade so I can take the Mrs on the back and to be more comfy (maybe do a bit of touring).

    I am considering bikes like...

    When I get back to Aus in about a month I will be test riding to see what I like and if I like it enough to raid the savings.

    I am mostly happy with my current ride so a bike will have to really grab me for me to make the upgrade.
  12. Wouldn't have thought of any of those to be really comfy for a pillion over any decent distance. They're really rider focused, so do her a real favour, get her a bike & a licence of her own! The view is so much better from the front!
  13. i'm due for an upgrade, i'm riding a FCUKING granny scooter!
  14. im upgrading soon. hanging out for a black buell xb12 firebolt. why? well im riding a chook chaser at the moment, its an awesome city bike - but its not fast enough to ride on the highway. and it damn uncomfortable.
  15. I'm eligible for my full licence just need to sell my bike to get the cash...

    I'm upgrading from this:


    To something like this:



    Unfortunately my eyes are bigger than my bank balance. I want to ride a sports 600, but I've only got a 250 budget.

    Riders thinking of upgrading when they get their full licence should keep this in mind- it might be more expensive than you expect.
  16. Buy that Z650 you want! A good one will cost less than a 250, and teh running costs will only be very slightly higher. Parts cost stuff all and are everywhere, tyres again cost very little, and they are simple and bulletproof. They also go very well. You will enjoy owning one.
    Insurance is cheap and so is rego.
    The only higher cost will be fuel, but they are still a very cheap bike.
    Plus, if you keep it looking scungy, no one wil even think about pinching it!
    $2k will get a VERY NICE Z650, but hang out for one with alloy wheels, or buy some for it (again cheap,$200 for a pair from a wrecker).

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. I am upgrading in the next three months and am considering the F800 ST, the dull TDM 900, the ugly v-strom or the very dull GSX750F.

    I want a good commuter that also does the long rides as well. And it needs to be a substitute for a car, so luggage is an issue.
  18. I'm appropriately licentious (!), so the upgrade is more a matter of waiting until I have the money: or until the Lotto gods smile on me. I'm basically fixated on a naked SV 650...
  19. It's near the top of my list, too. I've been fullly licenced for a long time but I don't really need anything too big or wild; it needs to be a commuter first of all, with occasional trip out of the city just for fun... Although I liked its small fairing, I dismissed SV650S due to its too crouched and wrist-heavy riding position; SV650 offers less protection but is more upright. I also consider the V-Strom (which uses the same 650cc engine, slightly retuned) but I think it might be a bit too top-heavy and tall for my liking.

    Then there is Kawasaki's ER-6, where I'm torn between the naked ER-6n (cheaper, no fairing can be advantage in the city... could fit a small screen... I'm not too crazy about the way it looks from some angles) and ER-6f (costs a bit more, fairing can be a bit of liability but it does offer better protection, and I like the looks of it better than of the naked one).

    And then there is the new Ducati Monster 695... and just possibly, the new Z-750? I'll have to see what they've done with it.

    But in the end, it will probably come down to the money and what deals are there to be had.
  20. Restrictions end in 2 weeks but I reckon I'll probably just keep the Kat till I finish Uni and get a job (unless I happen to come across a 2nd hand bike that's simply too good to pass up). What I'd really like is a Triumph Thruxton but the problem is I have no idea where I might end up working. It may be the sort of place more suitable for a dual-sport or even a cruiser/tourer so no point in buying something new at the moment.