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Who's done a European bike tour?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by monkeyboy666, Oct 23, 2013.

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    This is on another bike forum so if it looks familiar, you're not losing your mind :)

    So my sister has decided to get married and seeing as she lives in England (and has an insanely well paid job and is friggin' awesome), is flying me over for the wedding and a holiday with the bridal party on some Greek island for a week...all expenses paid.

    Now, seeing as this isn't until 2015 and I have more than 40 days of leave owing to me, I can save up some serious spending money and spend about a month travelling through Europe.

    And what better way to experience Europe than on a motorcycle yes. Which leads me to the point of this thread...

    There are many, many bike tours that go all over Europe and to help me decide which one to choose, I was wondering what my fellow riders would choose if they had the option of doing a European bike tour.
    If you've been to Europe and done a bike tour, what company did you use, where did you go and did you hire or buy a bike?

    Also, what kind of licence do you need to ride around Europe? I'd need travel insurance and evacuation insurance too...for me and the bike if things go completely tits up :p

    To be honest, I've never been overseas before and am currently a bit clueless...but I have plenty of time to get it together and I want to do this right because I don't know if I'll ever be back.

    So here's a link to some of the tours offered by one company, who leave and return to London, with accommodation all booked in groups of up to a dozen or so. They do about 250 to 400 km a day and while they don't hire bikes themselves, there are plenty of companies who do.

    Bike hire in London seems to hover around the 350 to 600 pound mark per week ($590 to $1000) depending on the bike with 2013 BMW's the most expensive and an R1 costing about $600 a week to hire.

    But buying a bike when I'm there may be viable and selling it before I come back. My sister's fiancé is a rider so he may have some contacts/knowledge I can exploit if buying a bike for the tour is a better/cheaper option.

    There are some pretty amazing looking tours on offer...but from where I'm sitting, they all look too good to pass up! The Nurburgring, the French Alps, the Stelvio Pass (!), The Black Forest and tours to Croatia, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg ect ect all look bloody amazing.

    Here's the link to a company that seem to have their shit together more than others I've looked at and seem to cater for some serious riding action: http://www.horizonmotorcycletours.co...uropean-tours/

    If anyone has done of these tours, any info, insight, advice, tips or recommendations would be most appreciated.
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  2. Saw this! Never replied, cuz I read them all and couldn't pick either... good luck! :p
  3. Yeah Ange they all look pretty cool...a four day tour is about $670 which includes all accommodation, breakfast each day and is an escorted tour so you don't have to worry about following a GPS or getting lost or trying to decipher foreign road signs. Plus the route is selected by people who have ridden them a million times and know all the best routes with the best scenery, best roads and places to stop for some culture.

    I'm planning on doing two...but bike hire for extended periods seems to be the biggest expense. Maybe a short sedate one and a much longer, vigorous one. :)

    But I keep coming back to one word: Nurburgring :) Oh man, THAT would be right of the awesome-o-meter! And the Stelvio Pass puts all other twisty roads on the planet to shame. That's one road you'd have to ride at least once before you die.
  4. You're so lucky to be able to have the opportunity! :D I'm a tad jealous lol
  5. Sorry about posting in the wrong thread Justus. I wasn't aware there was a Roads Touring and Riding Diaries thread...this forum sure has a lot of different sections.
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  6. I'd plan to buy a bike and bring it back here -- ie one that isn't sold here (to make the grey-import easier). I tired to hire a bike recently for a day off and couldn't because it wasn't summer. Admittedly this was in Finland, but the taxi driver who took me to the airport had the same thing happen to him in Greece.
  7. I'm debating a edelweiss tour but that's not really what your looking at by the sounds of it.
  8. Hey,

    So Im just bumping this - thinking of doing a european tours next year, what did you end up choosing? Any recommendations?