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Who's crashed and got back in the saddle?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Instigator, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. Just wondering how many netriders have had minor/major offs and then got back in the saddle??

    The thread about lane splitting got me to thinking as I'm working on my bike at the moment and about to start riding in Sydney traffic.

    I'm a little bit intimidated by it to tell the truth and will be doing lots of car park/backwoods practice before I make the commute into work on my baby.

    I've been caging for 7 years and had 1 major and a few minor bingles (none at-fault) so I know how sometimes shit just happens (and people are f$sking idiots) and I'm more than comfortable driving my 500kms+ per week.

    However my riding experience is pretty limited. I did my L's and P's riding around the Southern Highlands with an ex so traffic doesn't really apply here (though I did get to do Kangaroo Valley once w00t).

    I know there are only two types of riders, those that have fallen and those that are yet to fall. I was just wondering how many people get back on the bike after an accident? I don't know how I'd feel about riding if I got seriously injured (ie broken bones etc) especially if it was someone else's fault and reading other people's threads about recovery's sounds like a big task.

    Good on everyone that does.
  2. .....if you fall off the horse, you just gotta get back on.
  3. I have been unfortunate (or stupid) enough, to have fallen off every bike I've ever owned.

    I have been FORTUATE enough (someone was obviously looking after me) to have never broken a bone or lost any skin in any of those accidents. So I can only answer your question in theory; I did get back on, and did come back after a long time away, and can't imagine NOT riding, no matter what the obstacles......
  4. Shrug, two semi major offs.

    One was concussion, with a day trip in hospital.

    Other was 2 weeks in hospital, 8 weeks recovery. No biggy.

    Still ride.

    Had worse injuries/surgery when I played rugby.
  5. How many times? :roll:
    The last one was a biggy, girl with a P-plate was running late in the city to meet her mum, did a right turn in front of me. woops. (they all say the same thing; 'i didn't see you')
    Witnesses say i flew like superman, i wouldn't know i was out cold.
    5 year break and I'm back in the saddle. Working through all the same concerns you have, but hey, once it gets into your blood, what are you gunna do?

    When I started out as a bike-courier, I was told we have a 100% chance of having an accident. Sh!t. What they didn't tell me, was once you've had an offsky, the odds don't change.
  6. theres one for the grandkids! :LOL:
  7. You'd get a much shorter list if youu asked who hasn't had an off

    :shock: :shock:
  8. Probably stating the obvious, but I'd hang up the helmet for good if I felt my injuries were be a safety factor in me being a safe rider after a big off.
  9. I think it depends on the person.

    I had a fairly serious accident on April 22nd this year. Highside at Turn 8 at Phillip Island in the wet. Landed badly. Broken collar-bone, 3 broken ribs, 2 broken in two places, and a few cracked ribs for good measure. Broken big toe. All that was fairly minor in comparison to my shoulder/scapula, for which I managed to break the shoulder blade into 3 pieces, and broke the all important glenoid/shoulder socket rotator cuff into a number of pieces. From the time of the accident until my operation 4 days later I was unable to sit up from the pain. The operation involved cutting the shoulder open, reconstructing the shoulder bone using screws and a plate, and sewing me back up again. During the operation they had to cut most of the muscles around the shoulder to get to the bones, and the end result was that my shoulder simply did not work, at all, for at least 2 weeks after the accident, and since then it has slowly regained strength.

    To be honest, I couldn't wait to get back on the bike again, and had my first tentative ride on it around 8 weeks after the accident. Now it's about 18 weeks post accident, and my physiotherapist is astonished at my rate of healing. He keeps giving me exercises to do, but the exercises strangely enough are all pretty similar to the muscular actions performed when riding, so all I do is go out and ride instead when I have the time to do so.

    For me, getting back on the bike has helped the healing process perhaps even better than trying to remember to do physio exercises. My shoulder movement is back to >95% full functional range, and aside from it getting fatigued a little more quickly than the good shoulder, it's pretty good now.

    It all comes down to attitude.
  10. I broke my arm coming off the bike and i couldn't wait to get back on the bike.

    The day i got my cast off i went for a short ride and as soon as the feeling was back in the arm i was riding daily again.
  11. Broke the living sh1t out of my left tib+fib in a prang, a month in hospital and some screws and a plate, then 6 months on crutches, then a couple of years later surgery to take that plate out and a plate and bone graft to fix the fibula that hadn't been fixed properly the first time. Seriously will try hard to avoid that happening again, but back on the bike and loving it. I guess what would stop me getting back on the bike is an injury/disability that physically made it impossible/unsafe, but I don't think fear/family pressure would stop me (though of course I'd listen to my wife or kids if they were worried).
  12. Yup, I couldn't wait to get back on after my high speed crash on the freeway! just had to wait til I got the new handlebars on the bike and a few other minor bits and pieces...

    I wasn't seriously hurt, and was more concerned about the grapes that got squished in my backpack! :LOL:
  13. I was turnng in a corner when I came off and slid sideways into a bank.... broke 90% of the platic on the bike bent the front wheel and left a double fist sized dent in the tank from my hip + balls... tore the raial nerve for my right arm massive brusing and swolen avacado's a badly strained wrist and right foot?

    So I abused the nurafen and panadene forts and my doctor didnt blame me he as never seen so much damage and no fractures... a week later if was at a ophysio and swimming two times a week.

    three months latter I bought my second bike and havent looked back... riding is sweet sweet drug...
  14. I was visiting someone in hospital last week. This guy lost most of his right arm due to an idiot in a car . He also broke a lot of bones. His aim when he gets out is to build up a trike so he can get back on the road.

    Any major event (Toy Run, GP run etc) have a close look at some of the trike riders. There are people missing various bits and pieces but they've got back on and continued riding.

    I do know people who have given it up after a bad off. Most of them have only given up because they have been warned that another smash will leave them in a bad way. Very rarely has it been "oh dear, I've crashed so I'll stop riding".

  15. i come off of my skoot, didnt see a car hit the brakes too hard in the wet and front wheel skidded out :(

    just a few small scratches due to good clothing and only low speeds!

    had to ride homw, so yeah i was straight back on!
  16. C'mon, you can tell us... you were trying to rip off the ATM weren't you?!!

    :LOL: :twisted: :LOL:
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  18. I bounced off a car that came through a stop sign.

    The car stopped when the driver realised that she was going to hit a car coming the other way, in the process blocking me from going anywhere except into her car (or the wall).

    I was initially doing 80kph, braked but didn't manage to slow much and *wham*.

    I'm told I flew through the air totally limp for about 15 metres (reaching a height of about 5m in the process).

    Busted hand, ribs, knee, concussion and serious bruising to literally half of my body.

    It took me some months before I could bend my knee enough to get back onto a bike, and I shook like a leaf when I first did (once around the block). Then I was flinching and braking at every car that appeared at side streets for months.

    It got easier and easier as time went on, you just have to _want_ to ride again badly enough :)
  19. yep atm's are the local indigenous fauna of the Exiter / Beaconsfield state forrest and that bastard jumped right out at me... :LOL:

    no it was either a gravel truck or a logg truck kicking up the side of the road... but i made out like a bandit with the tank and ground... :LOL: :(
  20. Well fortunately I've never had a major off, although reading these stories and thinking of the way I ride maybe I should be expecting a visit the emergency ward, soon.

    But I am sure that anything that happens to me, short of death, I am getting back on my crotch rocket and doing it all again and this time getting it right.