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Who's broken the most bones on bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. I'll kick off.

    Sometime in to 60's - wrist and collarbone. same accident

    Sometime in the 70's - (same) wrist and collarbone. different accidents

    Sometime in the 80's - thumb and 2 ribs.

    July 2002 - Back, 2 places (compression fractures), left leg, skull

    Total score 11 Non-racing score 6

  2. Shall we nominate the Barry Sheene Award for the highest "score"???
    I've fallen off every bike I've ever owned and never broken a bone, so that's me out.......
  3. Hmmm Bazza or Mick.....dunno who won.
  4. Well Bazza legendarily used to set off the metal detectors at airports round the world, not so sure about Mick
    Anyway, I've derailed it before it started, back to the Scoreboard, Richie, and I see young... coming out to bat.....
  5. Must they be 'your own' bones?

    Can we include small furry creatures?
  6. Leg in 6 places in one accident - possible record for the most breaks in a single limb?

  7. Outstanding effort!....
  8. From hence forware thou shalt be knownst as "rubber bones". :LOL:
  9. Ill see your 6 breaks in one leg, and raise you 1 ankle in 6 pieces :D
  10. I have never broken a bone either. A few scrapes of skin in 31 years is all I have to show.
  11. OMG a bidding war for pain........
  12. BTW, as soon as Mitch gets wind of this thread we all lose :)
  13. He's broken them all, hasn't he?
    And some of them more than once.
    He's Netrider's Barry Sheene.
  14. Were talkin' motorbikes here, not pushies! :) :D
  15. actually randy, the only bones I've ever broken on a wheeled device WAS off a pushbike, the day before I was due to sit the HSC in 1967. I tried to kick a dog that was barking at me, fell off and smashed my collar-bone.
    Honest and for true, I've never broken a bone falling of a motorcycle.
  16. bloody hell :eek:

    u got a bung leg now?
  17. seems wrists always cop it...back in 1991...

    burton's fracture to left wrist :arrow: plate and 4 screws, dislocated 19 bones in the left hand after only just recovering from full crush injury sustained up left arm from fingertip to just above elbow(90% loss of nerves & movement)

    i was for off work for 16 months all up....got back to work and was retrenched 3 days later :cry:
  18. well this is a great read for someone just about to get there bike...
  19. aww go on, mate, you know it's not going to happen to you........