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Who's bike is this??

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by wang chung, May 18, 2005.

  1. Forget the picture of the bike. Thats a great pair of tits in your profile picture.
  2. niiiiice.

    What bars are you running? Like the bend.
  3. How dare they do that to a Kwaka.. it's either an 03/04 ZX6 or Z750/Z1000
    either way it's just wrong :(

  4. :applause: :applause: agree.
  5. That doesn't look like an Aussie plate to me... Looks like it's running on slicks, can't see any rear indicators either....

    Love those BMX handle bars though, would they be legal?
  6. VERY LEGAL bars. They are MX bars and most serious street fighters have them equipped.

    On a serious note, on a twisty road,a street fighter config will completely outperform a sport bike riding position.
  7. So is the above bike a good example of a 'streetfighter'? What sort of bike is it? I thought it was a big CB?
  8. The car in the garage is pretty un-australian too.
  9. Street figher / stunt bike.

    1. High bend bars - typically used for MX riders for the purposes of standing control. Stunt bikes to allow easier wheelies and standing burn-out

    2. Crash bars - Obvious is it not.

    Love the bike, althought not sure about the color.

  10. :shock: try again since apparently no one read it
  11. I think the owner is Mr Adobe Photoshop, wonderful guy he is!!!!!
  12. colour sucks, otherwise, looks like something i'd love to have in my garage :D

    streetfighters arent much chop for high speed stuff, but for commuting, twisties and stunts, they're hard to beat. light, powerful, comfy and easy to manouver. plus just deadset sexy :D

    anyone pick the fighter fan? :LOL:
  13. looks like it was an R1 once, but what do I know.
    That rear sprocket itself says something serious.

    The way things are going with the whole speed thing & motobikes, I reckon this sort of thing might catch on big time.
  14. Is this Tanya fro ksrc????

    Do you remember me?
  15. Yes mr stalker i remember you

    And wil you lot read my posts!! :roll: I have the same bike (different color) in the garage I know what it is :evil:
  16. passionate arent we tanya :LOL:

    i think its a harley :wink:
  17. and I think you own a spewzuki sh*tbox :p