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Whos been to Japan?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by YeahYeah, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I was talking with a friend of mine the other day - hes booked in a holiday with his mrs to Japan later in the year - he asked me if I knew anything about riding bikes in japan - do they have ride days, could he turn up and lease a bike, etc etc... Id never thought about it before so Im throwing the questions over to you guys - Has anyone been to Japan, and if you have did you manage to get any riding in while you were there?

  2. what do the japanese know about bikes?
  4. Do they have motorcycles there? :p
  5. Tell ya mate he can a cheaper root in Thailand. Cheaper on airfares
    as well.
    Win-win all round [​IMG]
  6. everything i read when i was there said not to. A.) you'll get lost b.) you'll probably get run over because your lost c.) its not cheap. (THIS WAS ABOUT RIDING IN TOKYO)

    but i only had a quick look, and it would be fine out of tokyo though, or at least i think it would be.
  7. I think hes more looking at trying to do a ride day, rather than ride on roads...

  8. Except that any money you save by doing that you end up spending when you get home trying to clear up your bout of clap et. al.
  9. IF it can be cleared up....... :?

    They have bugs over there that we westerners don't have names for..... :p

    And we haven't even gone into the area of "was that actually a female"?
    A fair % of Thai prossies started life as a he not a she....
  10. SPOTS !!! behave yourself. :evil:
    In this age of 'political correctiveness" comments, such as the one You have just made here, are not only demeaning, but rude, crude and un-called for!

    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. As for ride days and such I'm not sure sorry. But if he ever wants to buy a bike there they're almost half price. Last time I went (April 07) there were brand new R1s for about $11K. The bargains also apply to bikes made overseas such as Triumph and Aprilia. However I think road taxes are pretty high there, at least for cars. "Shaken" is kind of like road worthy which you need to do every few years and will cost thousands of dollars each time.
  12. i tried to figured it out by saying it a few times and finaly got it

    got me goin for like 10 seconds :) bverri gewdd
  13. here is what i can say about bikes in Jap...


    They are freaky. Spent 2 weeks there and have not seen a single new sports bike anywhere. It was winter though.
  14. wtf?!?!
    none of those machines even remotely resemble anything ive seen in oz.except maybe the kat,or is it?
    thank christ they produce the sexy bikes for us westeners...
  15. Those pictures capture my experience of motorcycles in Japan beuatifully. Didn't see one sports bike either other than one hot GPX that parked everyday outside of the local combini store.

    I did see one Ducati S$R thinking about it
  16. Been to Japan 3 times on non bike-related trip..

    And the previous advise is kinda right. Don't go there unless you're willing to work out where you have to be in something that doesn't make sense.

    Japanese addresses isn't like ours, ie 123 ABC street, Suburbsvale.

    It's more like this.

    Grunge's House, 1-2-5, Area, Prefecture.

    that, 1-2-5 signifies like, a block number, and a street number (only major streets have names, the rest have numbers according to the blocks.), and believe me when I say that the block number is in NO logical order.
    I was stuck with a friend for about 1 hour trying to get to a place to see a gig. Went thru about 3 7-11's and they also led us the wrong way.

    Seriously not worth it. BUT. that being said if you're just going to use it to travel from place to place rather than travel around... then it's kinda nice..
  17. what about this image from Tokyo,

  18. Wow! :grin: