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Who's been hit by what?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Burnsie, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Riding home from work today a stupid bird flew up into me. It hit my left shoulder and the helmet. Nfi if it survived, I was too busy wondering how the feathers got inside the helmet through the screen. It didn't hurt as much as I though it would, even though I was going 90-95km/h.

    So what has everyone hit and survived to tell the tale?
    (those who didn't survive don't bother responding)

  2. lucky it was not a big bird.. i hit one doing 220km/h, i was lucky that it was small and glanced off the top corner of my helmet.. rider behind me saw a puff of feathers explode in to the air and that was it.. there was a lil blood on helmet and a small scratch
  3. hmmmm... homer would be annoyed but i have been hit (or ran over) some donuts. some kids were sitting on the corner throwing them at cars and me.

    and i also ran over a cream filled sponge cake on the way 2 work a few weeks ago! there was cake everywhere, all over me and the bike. what a waste hey!
  4. Does it count if it's intentional?

    most of this stuff was at low speed, under 40.

    A bird, similar to your accident and another one straight into the front wheel.
    (We used to ride dirtbikes through an orchard, the birds would eat fermented fruit and get drunk. easy targets!)

    My dog
    my mum's dog
    a few rabbits
    a gate (my mate shut it and I had no brakes, pitbulled!)
    three concrete fenceposts in a row(steel cap boots),
    a crab-apple tree in midair,
    a big brown snake (probably the scariest of the lot).

    maxxed out a PW80 when I was 8 straight into a wire gate (80kph).
  5. I remember doing a high speed pass down down old Wells Rd past the Frankston motocross track, doing about 240 on my GSXR1100, this bird was coming straight at me, it punched a 6" hole in my screen, I was covered in blood and feathers!
  6. a brown bird on the freeway lol... neally knocked me of the bike :LOL: :LOL:
  7. What was she driving?
  8. :LOL: :LOL:
    ok ok she was in a nice black MX5 with the top down,..... little mini skirt that just stoped shy from her map of tassie and her boobies were neally coming out of her tight low cut top and i just neally fell off due to sheer excitment :oops: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Interesting Troy, I think that gives me a little insite into how your mind works..... not that I needed anymore info :wink:
  10. dude im simple show me some boobies and i forget everything lol
    :LOL: :LOL:
  11. I have been hit by an RGV250, my own actually. I threw it away in 'the basin' at Barbagallo raceway, and it hit the tyre wall and bounced back. I was just starting to stand up when the lights went out.
  12. i got fly kicked by a drunk dude at 80kmh

    I think he was after my bike, i managed to stay on too :)
  13. Hit by a car
    Hit by a big piece of tyre carcass flung up in front of me.
    Hit by a big rock flung up by a milk tanker in front of me.

    Plus a few zillion bugs.
  14. :applause: YOU WIN :eek:hno:
  15. Does a near-miss with a suicidal lyrebird in the Ten Mile on the Putty last weekend count???
  16. on one occasion:
    - toilet,
    - esky, &
    - large piece of PVC pipe

    came off a plumber's ute as he rounded a corner coming from the opposite direction.
    the plumber tried to blame the workmanship of the canopy builder,
    i have my own suspicions!

    another occasion:
    - muffler
    that fell off a vintage bike during the Xmas Toy Run a couple of years ago.
    because everyone's bikes were loaded with toys, at first i thought it was a shinny kaleidoscope rolling down the road,
    until it hit my boot and impact broke off the peg, followed by the sensation of standing on nothing!
  17. my bro was hit by a car running a red and it tock a inch out of his leg so he now walks around in a big arke hahaha na not good
  18. Had a few near misses with birds, though did find 1 all messed up under stand :-k, rocks, stones, pebbles, what ever you want to call em & how big a tale you wish tell.
    Had a nice big black have a go @ me as i wizzed passed it, hubby thought it was funny.

    Unlike my brother very very alergic to bee stings, rode through a swam. Next thing we see, him racing into the servo @ Koonoomoo litterly drops the bike, got his gear off in record time, goes racing in & heads straight for the icecream freezer, just to put something cold on the sting, by this time he already reacting.

    Got home, but still had 2 make a trip round to the hospital for a shot.
    What is with you and hitting baked goods man? rofl
    Some hit kangaroo's, some hit rocks and pot holes.. You my friend, hit anything that's risen in an oven.

    I haven't hit anything besides a wasp. And that got stuck under my jacket, on my neck and it stung the hell out of my throat.
    I don't recomend it!
  20. hit by a 5 ton truck
    i hit a rabbit :(
    and hit in the helmet by one of those crazy black birds that fly low and weave.

    and attack by a magpie next to my house must of had a nest or something.