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Who's at fault???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by cheky, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,
    On sunday night me and a couple guys went for a ride. all was well. We get to a set of traffic lights and can see a silver alfa parked on the side of the road and behind it was a taxi.

    We looked to the other side of the road and can see a very short guy throwing punches at the cab driver in the middle of the road. Well we stopped the bikes and i jumped in. Pulled the guy off the taxi driver and told the taxi driver to get in his cab and leave.

    The other guy started walking away and the taxi driver walked behind him to fight again. The guy turned around and started throwing punches again. We stopped it again and told the cabbie to fu*k off.

    This happened another 2 times before the taxi drived walked up to the Alfa and punched in the window. Then 4 guys get out of the alfa and started beating the crap out of him. Me and the other guys pulled these guys off the cab driver but not untill they kicked the living sh*it out of him.

    Another witness said they saw the taxi tail gating the alfa and was flashing the high beams and tooting so the alfa pulled over and the cab did as well. the taxi driver got out of his car and walked up to the alfa and started hurling abuse.

    In the end the police turn up and say the cab driver was the Victim.. I would have thought he was the agressor as the guy that was initially fighting with was walking away and the cab driver kept going after him.

  2. So did *you* make a statement?
  3. yeah we stuck around for the police to come but the people in the alfa took off. We told them what happened and that the cabbie was the agressor but he said as the others got involved and hit the driver he became the victim... I still dont get it... i told them about the guy walking off and the cabbie following him..
  4. It all depends on the cultural background of the parties involved.
  5. Cab driver was of arabic decent and i think one of the people in the other car was of the same (the short guy fighting) but the others i think were of a different background (greek, italian)
  6. (C) All of the above.

    Seriously, assault is assault - this isn't kindergarten - no one cares who started it!
  7. **thinks back to countless times nearly killed by retarded cabbie drivers...

    Awesome, a cabbie got the shit kicked out of him, that makes my day!

  8. +1, I'm sure there were mitigating circumstances. But too much built up hate of taxi drivers in general to care. I guess thats what happens when they (in general) drive like shit and piss everyone off - no one will give a rats ass when something bad comes their way.
  9. I honestly dont think a judge would give this case the time of day. If the guy tried to walk away and was pursued, thats that, really innit.
  10. [/quote]
    .............I guess thats what happens when they (in general) drive like shit and piss everyone off - no one will give a rats ass when something bad comes their way.[/quote]

    I had to call Silver Service taxi's once, there was a menu, one of the option was "driver complaints" so yea, they know how bad their drivers are too, even set up a call centre for it :p

    As for them being public transport, its funny that nobody really complains about how they carry passengers, and endanger them/others with sub par driving, yet a bus speeds (as in newspaper last week) or a ferry misses a stop by a few metres, theres talk.......

    As for who's right and who's wrong, I don't want to come across as a meathead or anything, but in all honesty, if I had a friend who was in a blue with another motorist, and my friend tried to walk away and forget it ever happend, but got dragged back into it repeatedly.....i'd lay the boot in too, and wouldn't at any point feel like i've done anything wrong. The chance was there a few times to agree to disagree and walk away.
  11. The Alfa driver. For buying an Alfa.
  12. Who is at fault ???

    Society is...and the media.
    Parents have nothing to do with it.

  14. Sounds like the taxi driver had ample opportunities to move on before he got the ever loving sh1t kicked out of him, so he should suck it up.

    But of course he won't "I'm a victim, I'm not to blame, I want compensation"

    Hey maybe that's the new scam, taxi drivers forcing people to beat the sh1t out of them to get compensation!
  15. Sweet, i'm in...

  16. Of course people care who started it. If you were defending yourself would you want to be prosecuted for it?

    The trouble here is that the gang from the alfa all laid into the taxi driver. Once the fight goes beyond self defence and becomes a kicking (like this became) those responsible for the kicking are committing assault.

    The alfa driver was defending himself and the taxi driver wouldn't leave him be. He tried to walk away and so on. If he'd knocked the taxi driver down and left him, that would be self defence.

    When the taxi driver comes back and smashes a window, that's criminal damage. You call the police, not beat the guy 5 to 1. That makes him the victim.

    Now, I agree completely that this taxi driver certainly deserved a kicking. But legally, he became the victim.
  17. funny thing is that about 20 minutes later when we were passing the same place as we were going out there were about 15 cab parked on the side of the road and they were all just hanging around.. so the cabbie called his mates there as well except they took to long to get there?
  18. Well of course they did - you're talking about Melbourne taxi drivers who couldn't find their backsides with both hands with the help of a street directory and a GPS. :roll:
  19. Perfect, lets arrange this (the cabbie collection) all again on a thursday night, take the MR there, and SHHHWWEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

  20. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But seriosuly, something sounds very fishy about that situation:
    (1) The cabbie confronts a car full of 5 blokes ? Jees, he'd want to be fairly handy
    (2) The short guys mates sit in the car while he's punching on with a cabbie ? They still sit in the car while the cabbie hits him as he's trying to walk away ??

    I reckon they must all know each other. Perhaps they are all cabbies. Perhaps the cabbies in the Alfa got offended because the solo cabbie actually checked his mirrors before changing lanes ? And all cabbies know that is just not on.