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Who's a Happy Boy Then

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ntewan, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Wandered into one of the local bike shops to chase up some gear I had ordered weeks ago for the CB250 & spotted her standing shyly in the corner.

    Lovely looks, nice curves in the right places, dressed in black.

    Sidle over to introduce myself & get better acquainted, trying not to look too anxious.

    Anyway after a bit of a get to know you and a chat with her chaperone who suddenly appeared when he noticed I was looking interested, we figure that we getting on pretty well & we decide to go back to mine.

    Did I say shy? She's raucous, spirited and a whole heap of fun. We are now "really" getting to know each other & having a blast.

    Oh by the way she's a sweet little Duke Monster 620ie :p What else would I be prattling on about?

    Yep I'm a happy boy :grin:
  2. Hey congrats on the wheels.. :grin:
  3. Thanks m8. Just loving that note & torque.
  4. :woot: congrats buddy ... but as you know :worthlesspics:

    go on...show 'er off then...you know you want to :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Hey congratulations! Like carri says, where are the pics?? :LOL:
  6. OK, if you insist. Not being really sure how this all works I've uploaded a pic to the Cool Bikes "Other" Gallery. I think it has to be approved by Admin before it is visible tho. How do you do the thumbnail thing? I don't have one of those photobucket accounts.
  7. Congrats mate! That's stonking news! :grin:
  8. congratulations mate! sounds like a great machine! i will go see if i can find this pic now :)
  9. hhmmm, whatever happend to the bloke who joined up so he could brag about his new MV?? Came from Albury, didn't he??

    OH, that's right, we never heard from him again.... :evil:

    Just kidding, matey, sounds like a nice ride, and I like your literary style, too. Hang around and have fun, we're a friendly bunch here and I'm sure we could uses some stories about top-end biking.. :grin:
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Been a member for a little while & had a lotta laughs at some of the to & fro. Yesterdays' bit of fun for A/F was a pearler.

    Now that I've got something with a few more neddies I'm looking forward to some decent rides. Not that I couldn't on the little CB, just was a bit uncomfortable being overtaken by road trains. :shock: They take ages to go past & if its a cattle crate......... um, well you probably get the picture. :LOL:
  11. hi ntewan, nice bike...but that always gonna be a given from me! cheers