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Who's a fan of the Honda Spada???

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by pete the freak, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Hey dudes,

    I've thrown together a bit of a website dedicated to my new Spada and Spada's in general.

    Would appreciate any feedback from any other Spada owners as to what I should have on there, whether my data is correct, etc.


    Cheers 8)

  2. I'm thinking about the Spada for my next bike. How does it handle in the twisties? How does it handle in traffic? It's got a fairly low top speed - how well does it pull after it hits 80kph? How well does it pull after hitting 100kph? What's the riding position like? I have trouble with the position on the Across if I'm thrashing it because the pegs are too far forward - wondering if this is the same on the Spada.

    I know the standard respose is "take it for a ride and see if you like it", but there's things that you really can't test on a 15 minute ride on a bike that's not yours to crash.
  3. Very well, I have never had a problem taking it through twisties or sweepers. Even when travelling at (cough, cough, cough) kph through Whittlesea-Yea.

    The Spada is very agile. Tight turning circle and excellent handling at speed.

    Yeah, OK. I hate to admit this but a Hayabusa can outrun a Spada. Shocking I know! The Spada is meant to be good for 165kph - is this your definition of low? I have had mine up to 150kph (controlled conditions, professional rider - well, rider is a professional of sorts) At 80kph it pulls away quickly compared to a sports bike such as a CBR250RR but obviously not as quick. Still pulls away at 100kph quickly. The real benefit is 0-60kph where you can usually leave 4 cylinder 250s for dead. Its a low down torque bike but can still give highway speeds without flinching.

    Then there is the phenomenal fuel economy :D
  4. Ahh, cool! That's the sort of thing I wanted to hear.

    I'm not really concerned about going any faster than 120 on a 250, anyway, but I was worried that it'd struggle once it hit the 100 mark. I don't care about how fast it can go - I care about how long it'll take to get there :)

    I heard the usable top of a spada was 140 or so - I meant low compared to the cbr250rr and other 250 4-stroke sports models.
  5. Horses for courses really. Sure the CBR/ZXR/FZR range have higher top speeds and have better handling at speed but that comes at the cost of city manouverability, fuel economy, insurance costs, lack of low down power, etc.

    On the other hand the Spada is a lot more powerful and handles better than CB250s, Viragos, etc but I wouldnt dismiss those as good learner bikes.
  6. I really don't understand this fascination with top speed. I do most of my riding in traffic and I don't think I've ever taken a bike above 120kph.

    Give me a bike that will do 0-60 in no time to beat the tintops (Aussie :wink:) away from the lights and I'm happy.

    The Spada handles like a dream, heaps of get up and go in the lower end of the speed spectrum (Hmmm, 'speed spectrum' i like...), and will hold highway speed very nicely thank you very much.

    So what if it can't do 180kph, unless you're on a track or have a death wish you'll never go that fast anyway.

    Nope, it's the Spada for me.
  7. Nice site Pete :) Am looking forward to your "About Me" section!

    How would you compare a Spada with a Zeal?
  8. I love my Spada.
    It's just got bottom end and thats what I like. I've had it to 130kph, which was a bit dumb to be honest, but anyway, it handles bloody nicely, it flogs the crap out of cars off the line, and it's chuckable.
    I'm still getting used to it's cornering abilities, but they seem good enough.
    Oh, and the website looks good too. You need a purple Spada on there, like mine! :D
    (There probably is one but I didn't see it...)
  9. When you say "bottom end" do you mean that you don't have to rev the crap out of it? i.e it has a lot of torque. I'm looking for a bike like that. I don't want to be on a high pitched whiney thing - I want power down low.

    Does that make sense? I'm not very technicamal.
  10. Yup, it's got the power down low.
    It's on about 8000rpm at 100kph, but it's not a whiney noise, it's a babytwin!
    I don't rev mine past about 8500rpm that often, mostly because I'm in traffic, but yeah, it's got the low down power, you don't HAVE to rev it hard.
    But you will.
  11. Regularly take mine to 12000rpm and above (I recommend this to prevent the plugs coking up) and it still runs smoothly. For a laugh I have taken off from the lights at 3500rpm and still stayed ahead of traffic.
  12. Spada vs. Zeal??

    Not sure, unfortunately haven't had the chance to ride a Zeal yet, but they're an inline four aren't they? Same as the Suzuki Bandit? Call me close minded but there's just something about a V-Twin that really get's me going...!!

    Purple Spada on the website?

    Yeah, I've only shot's of my bike on the site ATM, but send me your photo's and I'll put them up. I'll make another page for all the photo's of other peoples' Spadas...

    To second Lloyds' comments...

    Yes the Spada's got a lot of balls down low, yes it growls rather than whines (god bless the man who thought of putting 2 cylinders at a 90 degree angle), and yes, even though you don't have to, you WILL rev the crap out of it...

    The About me page...

    Are you sure you want to know more about me, I'm a pretty scary dude...
  13. Thanks guys :)

    Am leaning more towards the spada now. At least I'm certain the seat height it appropriate for me :)

    Yes Pete - i wanna see you in all your scary glory!

    I used to live (and work) in Hornsby. 5/17 Burdett St. Was my very first apartment - was there from 1996 to 1998. Where are you?
  14. My brother rode a Zeal and said they were crap. Mind you, he's got an FZR250RR and reckons the Spada is crap. So yeah, don't listen to that.
    Good stuff Pete, I should grab some pics of the Spud this weekend if the weather stays how it is now, so I wouldn't mind sticking them on your site.
  15. flashfire,

    don't know how much you're thinking of spending on a bike, but Caringbah Motorcycles regularly bring in a container load of fresh Spadas from Japland every month or two. They sell them for $3900 on road with a years rego.

    There's a link to their site on my Spada site.
  16. Yeah - have seen the ads thanks Pete. I kind of dig the orange one, or the silver one, but Lloyds purple one sounds sexy! :) Maybe they can get one in for me. Or, does Lloyd want to be the only purple guy?

    $3990 is a perfect amount of $ for me to spend on my first bike. Leaves me more money for leather.

    Hey - can a little windshield be fitted to the Spada? Haven't seen any pics with one yet.
  17. LOL The only purple guy? I reckon the purple is gay as! But I still love it, and yeah, you can have a purple one.
    AFAIK I'm the only purple Spud rider in southern Tasmania. Probably a good reason for that. :p
    Purple is a hard colour to get a helmet or leathers to match, go for a black or a blue one.

    You can get weathershields, I've seen them on bikes, but I don't know where to get them from or anything. I did consider an aftermarket bikini fairing for about 10 minutes before I realised it'd look crap.
    The wind isn't a real problem.

    Look around before you pay $3990 for one, I paid $3300 for mine, even MORE money for leathers.

    Mmm, girls in leather. I'll shut up.
  18. Are you implying that the weathershield looks crap?

    hehehe. I don't own leathers yet. I do, however, have a remarkable collection of PVC especially considering I'm straight and not into BDSM.

    Here's a pic of me in PVC, doing a fire show:

    http://www.homeofpoi.com/gallery/display.php?image=/500/87mistressflash.jpg -> sorry, site won't let me link direct to pics. If you're interested, go to www.homeofpoi.com/gallery , member galleries and then find 'flash fire' in the alphabetical list. That's me!
  19. Yup, I reckon they look a bit crap.
    Damn, you love fire and you wear PVC but won't break me.
    Single? :p
  20. Flashfire - Spada vs Zeal? - looked at and rode both over the past few weeks - they're similar in terms of both being capable 250's but IM(NS)HO, are otherwise different bikes. The Spada's V-twin seemed to have more bottom end strengh than the Zeal's in-line 4 - although the higher rev range of the Zeal gave it more top end pull I guess. And the Zeal was real smooth. Either would have been fun to ride. But the Spada seemed to be a better engineered bike overall to my eyes - with it's alloy frame and monoshock rear end. The Zeal to me had the appearance and feel of being built to a price point, where the Spada seemed to be more of an overall performance package. Sure, the Zeal is probably faster - but it needed to be worked harder to achieve that. The Honda V-twin has a reputation of being pretty bullet proof too, although you can probably get a '95 Zeal for similar dollars to a '90 Spada.

    Horses for courses I suppose - but in the end - I preferred (and bought) a Spada. Great little bike!