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Who's a cager?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by UDLOSE, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. A bike is my only mode of transport

  2. A car is my only mode of transport

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  3. Both - Bike is my primery transport

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  4. Both - Car is my primery transport

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  1. Just interested to see how many people on here hold 2 classes or who only rides.

    My personal opinion is that being expirienced in both is far better than riding alone because you can see it from both points of view.
  2. I got my car license on the 15th of August 1968; coming up for my 40th anniversary.

    I got my bike license in August 1974, so 34 years I've held that.

    As much as I love riding, you can't bring up kids and have a bike as your only transport :LOL:.
  3. It's "Primary", as in, "Go back to Primary school and learn English". :grin:
  4. be nice; no-one's more pedantic about English than I, but it may not be UDLOSE's primary language :LOL:.
  5. last choice. No baby seat on the back of a bike, and she is way to young to acknowledge potential pain, and risk.
  6. That's way TOO young :rofl: (Refer above posts :LOL:)
  7. used to be car... since I've always been into modifying cars etc..
    now the bike is used daily.... gives me an excuse to have the car off the road for more mods :p
  8. +1 :p
  9. Bike, car, HR truck ,frontend loader, backhoe, bobcat. :LOL:
  10. Bike when ferals (sorry, kids) are at school, and car when the little darlings are home and I am ferrying them all over town for various sports stuff.

    Got my car licence in 1984, and bike in 1985. For the first 7 years, bike was primary form of transport, then the kids started.......
  11. Motorbike is my main mode of transport, my wife has a car.
  12. Car since 1992 and bike 1 month still on my Ls :( but once i get better on the Bike i think the car will be for when its raining and the family :grin:
  13. Car since 1992 and bike 1 month still on my Ls :( but once i get better on the Bike i think the car will be for when its raining and the family :grin:
  14. Just got my first car, motorcycles are for losers, most of the guys who ride them are idiot bogans with a death wish to write themselves off at the next corner.
  15. LOVE IT!!

    I am a stay at home dad, lol, so when I get the ki, I mean ferals off to kinder and school, I jump on the bike.

    But I have also been into modifying cars for years, and it gives me a chance to rest the beast. Even tho my car has 300rwkws and is damn fast, my little Bandit makes me smile the most and "feels" alot faster. May be it's just that I get everywhere quicker!
  16. Have to tick car as only until I fix this bike.
  17. car 1995, bike 1996.
    depending on child requirements, my needs have varied.
    would definitely say car as primary now though, i do ~100000kms a year for work.
  18. Licence in '68? Was it written in chalk on slate? :p
    Bike (semi-automatic mind you!) 83'ish. Car 85'ish.
  19. Similar thing here. I have both, but the car is a fairly old (22 years) sportscar - the bike means I don't have to reassemble the car before work each day. :p

    I actually walk/bicycle to work, so both vehicles are purely recreational/lazy-onational.
  20. yeh im in the same boat, i've got 3 modified cars so I've always got them pulled apart for something. I ride almost every day because its cheaper, easier with parking and I enjoy it. But it's relaxing to hop into a car every now and then and cruise to work in a daydream. :roll:

    PS: Sorry if my bad spelling has offended anyone LOL! My primery language is C#, I'm a programmer not bloody journalist.