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Whoops!!! Lucky me!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by doozerberry, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. I was cruising to work today, sitting on 100kph along Victoria Rd Lilydale. I knew I was speeding, because they have JUST dropped the speed limits to 80 because of the Commonwealth Games. It was such a nice day though.

    Anyways I was enjoying my ride as approx 5 cars were approaching in the other direction. Suddenly one of them flashed their headlights, and I thought, ok slow down cops ahead, only to realise it was actually a police car that flashed!!!

    I know I was lucky the didnt do a U-turn, but has anyone else experienced something like this?

  2. Probably too much traffic for them to do a U'y to pull you over but they certainly woke you up :cool:

    Only you and whoever does your laundry will ever know how scared you got :LOL:
  3. if they did then pull you over you just say "fine, you give me a speeding ticket as long as you give yourself one for flashing your high beams" :grin: :grin: :grin:
  4. I had a cop give me the slow down wave once , when I speeding in NSW on L plates lol , that was a classic.
  5. We were driving through Bredbo, going to the snow, when a copper waved his finger at us [-X . He never turned around though.
  6. In NZ I was on the motorway (100 limit) heading home, g/f in the car doing about 130 (cars around me doing 110 to 120).

    I cruised past one of the 120 cars only to have him pick up and follw me for a few kays. I was fluctuating now up to about 140.

    In the end this guy comes right up next to me and starts waiving. I hadn't noticed but the gf points him out. And then I notice the uniform. :eek:
    He sticks his hat on in the car and points me to pull over - so I do.

    Turns out he was some commander type guy on his way to the Police College (a further 2 km down the motorway) and his car didn't have any speed reading equipment. He was just wanting to let me know, that I was going a little bit too fast for his likening.
  7. I past a cop going from Mildura to Broken Hill, luckly I had knocked 20k's off so was doing 180. He didn't bother doing anything, turning around wouldn't of helped him as we were both trying to get to where we had to before the sun went down.
  8. I must admit it slowed me down, and I did crap em a little, but then I thought if he didnt turn the sirens on, and flashed me instead, then I should be ok...

    Its more that I just cant afford the fine than the points, not to mention a fine 2 days before my birthday would've REALLY sucked!!
  9. oh so lucky...
    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Had a one in a million a long time ago that was similar. I was living in Perth and had traded in my first car, a baby-shit brown '79 Gemini for a '86 Celica a few months previously. So I'm out driving around southern WA about 200km from where I traded the car in and as I came around a downhill bend, I see this brown gemini coming the other way. My attention became totally focused on it on the off chance it was my old car, not seriously thinking that it could be given how far away I was from the dealer. Then I saw the numberplate and it was my old car! I was so amazed that I didn't notice my speed had crept up about 10k's over the limit on the downhill. I also didn't notice that the car 100m behind my old car was a cop car with a radar. He was right on me when I noticed him. I was gone for all money, but he just flashed his lights. I pulled over thinking he would have done a U-turn and would be coming around the bend to write me a ticket but he never showed.
  11. probably chasing your old car :LOL: :LOL:
    was there a 'P' plate on the window and a hot girl driving??
  12. 5.30am and I'm blasting over Captain Cook Bridge.
    On the way home, half asleep.
    I pass the only car on the road, in the middle lane, as the bike edges past it I see the word Police written all down the side of the car.
    Never even noticed the flashers on top the roof.
    I had me visor open and kinda grinned down at the two coppers.
    Bloke driving just smiles and shakes his head.
    They turned left after the bridge and I carried on straight ahead.
    Musta been in a good mood I guess. :LOL:
  13. Maybe - it was capable of 148kph - maximum, flat out, downhill, with a stiff tailwind. Nothing like the sound of a 3 speed auto running at max revs.
  14. Myself and a few mates were warming up the tyre's before a few bends when a cop comming the other way flashed the blue and reds. Didnt turn around but around the next corner there was about 10 police vehicles
  15. Ahh, no speed reading equipment. Reminds me of the Sunday just past.

    Was on a group ride of sorts, and we pass some copper in his undercover car booking some cage on the side of the road. In the next town one of our riders is hailed down by a bikeplod and told that his colleague up the road wants a word with him, a bit unusual.

    So he shows up, and then lays into his chosen target, accusing him of speeding away from him and then proceeds to calls my riding buddy some names. So based from what he "heard" when he went past, he gave a ticket of 200 in a 100 zone. No camera, no radar, no speed matching. Just listening to the sound of the engine.

    There'll be court time, and it's most certain it's all gonna get thrown out!
  16. I was having a blast through the hills in Perth in my swift GTi (before I bought a bike). Was doing just over 100km in a 70 zone and the copper flicked the high beam a couple of times and kept going.

    I assume it's because the lanes were quite small and there was no room for a u turn, and the group of bikes that just passed me were doing around 160-180 :)
  17. Surely if your mate was going THAT fast the cop wouldn'e have been able to pinpoint the type of bike because he would've passed in a fuzzy blur!!
  18. October 1997. Calder Highway, halfway between Bendigo and the city, road deserted, weather fine. VFR750. I have to be at a meeting in the city in 40 minutes.
    Soooo..... 200kmh (OK, I'm sorry, alright?)
    I look to the right and 200 metres ahead is a TOGy with a radar gun pointed straight at me!!!

    I knew I was gone. I had a brick drop into the pit of my stomach and I remember thinking "I might even do time for this... :shock: "
    I'd gone well past by the time I slowed down, to about 50, and waiting for the lights and sirens.
    To this day I have no idea why he didn't come after me. :)
  19. Dont be so sure it will be thrown out!!! Plod dont need measuring equipment or proof you were speeding. It will be a case of you against them and generally THEY win. You may get the speed knocked back a but but Plods experience will be called on and lets hope YOU have a clean driving record or a comphy pair of walking shoes. :)
  20. Driving from adelaide to Mildura, sitting on about 135 on a section with double lanes when a cop on a bike comes over the hill heading the other way, he looked at me, I looked at him and on he went, must have been lunch time :grin: