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Whoever you were, thank you.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Greydog, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. A big thank you to the guy on the bike who started pulling over on Citylink when I was stopped on the side of the road. I wasn't broken down (I had to make an urgent work phone call) so I waved thank you and you kept going.

    Your consideration, even though it wasn't needed this time, was greatly appreciated.

  2. Nice to see the spirit is still with us.

    I always have a good look at anyone on the side of the freeway. Just in case there is trouble. The problem is they stare back at me with doing anything. Grrr

    So if you are pulled over, make sure to give passing riders who appear to be willing to assist, get an ok signal from you. (as you did) :)
  3. nice work whoever you were, good to see riders helping each other out.
    About 8 years back I owned an old rd250 that broke down about 5kms from home and I had no option but to push it home. A rider came along on an r6 and I signalled I needed help. the rider looked at me, pulled a wheelie and took off at 100 mile an hour. He was an arsehole, the bloke who was going to stop for you is a good bloke.
  4. ^^haha
    i got bailed out a few weeks back too. misjudged how far i'd get on reserve so i was left pushing about 15km from home. got maybe 4km with cars and bikes passing in each direction before a guy on a blackbird and his dad on an oldskool beemer stopped. explained i was out testing suspension adjustment so didn't bring my wallet, they told me to hang out and took off, came back maybe 10 mins later with a small container of fuel
  5. Riding a bike is like being part of a family. Saying that, everyone has idiots in their family.
  6. This has happened to me so many times. Then I feel guilty for the rest of the day for not stopping :-(

    Just SOME indication, please!
  7. +1 - a simple thumb up for "I'm OK", or wave me in if you're not...
  8. My phone has an SOS flashlight thing, should i use that if i need help?

    Do we nod if we are on the side of the road and need help, or do we wave?

    Or should we nod in a particular direction?

    And is it ok the split between pedestrians when pushing a bike home? If so, how do we make sure it's legal?

    And if we do nod, should we nod twice if we're fine and once if we're not?
  9. My sachs died after running out of fuel, reserve on the newly installed petcock did not work (thanks fx powersports) so I called someone to help me out. A guy on an old Beemer R100 pulled over to help, after explaining that I'd run out of fuel and help was on the way and having a quick chat about bikes, he took off. Nice to see the spirit is still around.
  10. in all seriousness, the instructor on the first day of my L's says it's perfectly fine to push the bike on foot paths, you can even have the engine running and use the power to help you up hills
  11. sooo ghost riding on footpaths is legal? :D
  12. lol technically if you were ghost riding with a bike on the footpath and the running bike on the road you wouldn't get pinged for riding on the foot path, but I highly doubt ghost riding is legal. you would also get done for endangering the lives of others.