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Who'd be interested in a beginers type west gippy ride?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Woodsy, Oct 1, 2006.

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  1. Ok, i've never organised a ride before so be gentle with me.

    i thought as this is the first ride i've organised i'd aim it at L's P's, Bikes with Pillions, etc, etc, not to say there wont be plenty of good roads for the more experianced rider it's just the pace will be kept down in general.

    route will be Drouin to trafalgar, thorpdale, mirboo north, leongatha, korumburra, poowong, nyora, lang lang, drouin, about a 200K+ 3.5 hour round trip.

    Now some questions, whos interested? what days best for people? sat or sun? leave drouin about 11ish how does that sound?

    the suckers, oops RIDERS so far
    Crusingal +
  2. No planned ride will suit of the people all of the time but probably best to go for a Sunday. Make a commitment to date & time & those who can will attend. Your planned route sounds like fun!

    Check the calendar to make sure it doesn't clash with something else & for heaven's sake don't forget to put it in the calendar! Or risk the wrath of the admin/mods!

    I once read somewhere in here may have been in articles some great group ride tips which if memory serves me correctly will also help with planning if you know what the group is expecting!

    Good Luck!
  3. Ok Woodsy, count me in and I will bring along four or five newer riders. I don't mind being tail end charlie or leading (cos my new tyre is scrubbed in now, so I'm not so tentative :LOL: ).

    A Sunday would be better for us, but go with what you reckon's best.
  4. Yeah I would be in for a ride like this as well.
  5. Could be good - got a date in mind or just tentative?
  6. Depending on when it is I'd be up for it.
  7. I would love to come along too :)
    just depends on the date.
  8. Pending the date and the boss, I'm keen.
  9. woodsy, more then happy to come along for the ride and help out where i can.

    Might i suggest that you also link to the article about how to do group riding, the corner marking system etc.. so newer riders can have a read through it all before they get to the ride, and have a bit of a understanding of how the day/ride should go.

    cheers stewy
  10. It all depends on the date - doing Ls in 2 weeks. Would love to participate Woodsy. Great idea.

  11. Hey Woodsy,

    I would be up for this ride - sounds like a lot of fun and haven't experienced a group ride before, let alone with NR's ... Sunday is good for me as well. Need to know what date though ...
  12. Hey Woodsy, have you considered the route into the Tarra Bulga national park, it's very pretty, awesome eagles soaring high and some easy twisties for L and P riders. A group of us, mainly all L and P riders went on an overnighter here last May... it was awesome. And if need be there is a fantastc caravan park with cabins and a huge BBQ shed, maybe another overnighter is called for.
  13. I'd be interested. Depends on when, and if I'm working, though...
  14. Caz...Tarra Bulga NP's beautiful...I'd certainly be interested in doing an overnight trip there. Just don't plan it till after the 14th Oct!
  15. I'd be in that
    Now just need to find Druin on a map.......
  16. :cool:

    I will see what Woodsy plans for this ride, and if it doesn't take in The Tarra Bulga NP I will pull my finger out and organise an overnighter for those that are interested. :grin:
    Our trip was very cheap...$40 per person for a night in a cabin and BBQ dinner and a hot cooked breakfast prior to departure the following morning. And the possums come down to feed in the BBQ shed.

    We had a 4WD ute come with us, was handy too, we off loaded all of our gear into the back(esky as well) made the journey so much more enjoyable!
    Anyone that wants to be our support vehicle, just put ya hand up :)


  17. This sounds like fun, i would certainly be interested.
  18. Thanks for the encoragement guys.
    i'm going to keep it as a day ride for this time, if some one wants to help me out i'd be happy to arange for an overnighter at TB state park http://www.path.unimelb.edu.au/~bernardk/Victoria/gippsland/tarra_bulga.html may be mid - late november (25th - 26th?), i've got a couple of mates with utes/4wd's that will help out with gear transport.

    thanks Stewy, can you point me to the article, i'd imagine it's similar to what i've used for dirt bike rides.

    Ok, aiming for Sunday october 22nd, if the weathers shit it'll be postponed, leave 10.30 from Bendigo bank car park Drouin main street for Trafalgar shell servo, leave the Shell at 11, if your running a bit late give me a call. 0418376855

    Beds and floor available my place the saturday night if people want to crash here to save an early start sunday.
  19. Hey Woodsy, here is a link to the articles page that has all of the Group ride suggestions :)


    I am more than willing to help organise an overnighter to Tarra Valley/Bulga Park.

    Mates with utes are very handy :wink: Do any of them live in the metro area? We dropped our gear off to the ute the few days prior to departure.
  20. Thanks Caz i need to give that a read.
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