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Whoah! The V-max is dam quick.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kurse, May 11, 2009.

  1. So I was cruisn up Dandy way and I saw a V-max. Never seen one on the road. There was also an Aprilla thou. The V-max left the Aprilla for dead :-O

    Granted I'm not sure how good either riders were, but the Aprilla seemed to know the power of his bike, he popped it up a couple of times pretty easily. But man, the V-max flies, I can't say I'm very keen on the look though, it just looks weird.

    I also would've expected something so expensive would sound way better. Looked like it handles ok though, he was weaving around traffic quite freely, not too bad of a lean angle considering it's a drag bike more or less.

    Anyone own a V-max on this site?

  2. New one or old model?

    New one will suffer from emmission and noise restrictions until exhaust is upgraded.
  3. Rider for rider bike for bike in the twisties my money would not be on the Vmax.
  4. The V-Max is damn quick... how quick?

    If you have to even ask it isn't for you :)
  5. I really want one of the current ones.

    A set of pipes and it would be bliss.

    Still need something more agile for weekend runs though.
  6. for a big bike the v-max is extremely nimble and the power is frightening...if you can get a rider who knows what he is doing my money will be on the v-max.
  7. Sorry guys. Was a new one. Shiny new. They're 30 gs aren't they? Yeah not for me, price is bullsh$t.
  8. Girlfriends dad has a new one, he won't let me ride it! Fair enough, I ride a 250cc currently...

    It sounds amazing, really, I've been on some ride with him and that power is crazy. It was about 300kg's though, so my money is on a 750cc+ bike flogging it through the hills. Hell, I caught him in some tight corners cos I dived in late on the 250.