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Who would you be?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Nightowl, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/technology/s...ide-a-motorcycle/story-fn5fsgyc-1226222955205



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  2. Ooooooold news!
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  3. George Shuttleworth
  4. Who would I be? I've long wanted one of the costumes from 300 or a centurion /gladiator type outfit.
  5. May be old but its still Rad.

    I would love a storm trooper one with a modified helmet to match. Oh yeah
  6. I'd be me.

    Because I'm f&cking great.
  7. I like the Batman and Dare Devil suites.
  8. superman or spiderman
  9. Conan the Barbarian
  10. Borat baithers.
  11. Geez Batman got fat.
    Iiron man looks gay.
    And this is the third thread on ud replicas in the past 2weeks ???
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  12. Stay Puff marshmellow Man!

    I've already got the body shape...
  13. .... Anything in pink??..:-k
  14. Do they have anything in Harry Potter?
  15. ..... Probably his wand..

  16. bahahahahaha
  17. Can we take bits and make up our own?
  18. Without a doubt would be batman.
  19. I'm thinking Smeagol now. Just give me a loin cloth and shave my head.
  20. If i wasnt a fat fat man. I would take the Tron leathers, or maybe a storm trooper they are just badass.