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Who would win in a fight Bruce lee or Mike Tyson?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolverine, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Bruce Lee

  2. Mike Tyson

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  1. From the netrider member that threaded lion vs elephant
    brings you "Who would win in a fight Iron Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee the Dragon both at their prime.

    I know its stupid but i just cant help but wonder.

    Technically i say mike tyson would win. beacuse tyson was raw fast n powerful for his size anyway. Thats why they have weight divisions in boxing. But i dunno the full potential of bruce lee. everyones says his fast and powerful, 2 finger push ups blah blah. but i dont see many asians dominating martial arts these days. being asian myself my heart goes with bruce lee but my moneys on tyson.

  2. Bruce Lee because he would just be too quick. Sure Lee would have to wear him down as Tyson is a monster but in the end I think he would get him.
  3. Bruce Lee cause he's just the King.... :p
  4. Come on. Ever seen tyson fight? He can whack a wallop but he is weak as crap. Glass Jaw basically. I reckon it's because he was never hit as a kid (too big and better than kids his age etc whne growing up) so he wasn't used to it when he finally copped punches professionally.

    Bruce for the win in about every way imaginable possible.
  5. Nine times out of ten the winner would be: Don King! :p
  6. Kermit the Frog, of course!
  7. um.......Bruce Lee is dead!.....
    not a fair fight if he's already on his back
  8. Bruce Lee of course but with a missing ear..... :LOL:
  9. nope dont think his ear's be missing to fast to lose anything :wink:
  10. Wrong. Bert was one mean looking bastard and I reckon he'd be hell in the ring.
  11. Hmm, what's that in English??? Got me there.
  12. +1

    I went with Bruce, too fast, agile and smart for Mike.
  13. I'm a big bruce lee fan but i gotta be realistic.

    C'mon Tyson in his prime is an absolute monster!
  14. i have a documentary on fighting techniques, each move and style scientifically examined. wing chun is fast as hell, but lacks a lot of power. the most deadly move out there is a muay thai knee, same impact as a minor car accident. basically the bigger the bloke the more power there is.... unless lee could inch punch his sternum he's pretty much gonna get a hiding. look up on youtube a bloke called mirko 'crocop' filopovic, that dude is a fighter and a half with his left high kick
  15. Ouch!

    Apparently they said that at his prime bruce lee was the most powerful man in the world when they factor in power/weight ratios.
  16. i don't doubt it... but that means a big fat bloke could be more powerful to an extent. but fat and getting a whooping.
  17. Bruce's side kick could easily be enough to do tyson in. And then there's the question if tyson could even hit bruce if bruce was "going toe to toe" and being serious. *of course bruce would have to be alive ;) *
  18. #18 wang chung, Apr 15, 2007
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    Lee would take a few strikes but once tyson got a hold of him it be KO TIME

    are we talking all out brawl?

    yeah? i dunno

  19. Yeah good question. I think it would be like Lee was fighting a machine... he'd have to find a weakness in that well oiled machine and use it to his advantage. In a ring bout I reckon Tyson. In a street brawl I reckon Lee, he's just got a lot more adaptability able to use his environment to his advantage.
  20. I studied Wing Chun for a few years and idolise Bruce, but Tyson would hammer him, street or ring fight.