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Who would win: Elmo or the Cookie Monster?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Brionnach, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. Elmo

  2. Cookie Monster

    0 vote(s)
  1. Hi all,

    Loving these "who would win" threads. Someone mentioned Bert v Ernie, and I just couldn't resist thinking about lovable Elmo and the Cookie Monster! So here goes...

  2. Who would win? :?
    It depends on who has their hand in which puppet. :twisted:
  3. I chose elmo because "He knows where you live".
  4. i always liked cookie monster better , so im going to have to go for him! just tell him elmo is a big red cookie and watch the results! haha
  5. cookie monster would eat all his cookies then chew out sooky elmos nuts :p
  6. I reckon the Cookie Monster would whip Elmo. He'd just dance in and pimp slap that little red dweeb, then go back to cramming some big 'ole Anzac cookies into his mouth without batting a muppet eyelid - if he even had one.
  7. Cookie Monster is one badass, so i voted for him :grin:
  8. So what kinda VS is this may i ask? :LOL:
  9. Your shitting me :? what a complete load of crap these threads are! which non existant thing would beat another non existant thing, what a load of crap.
  10. Just like asking if a Star Trek Phaser beats a Star Wars Blaster Rifle??? :LOL:

    oh dear... Nerd alert, :oops:
  11. They do so exist, even if only as figments of the imagination :grin:

    Of course then there was that episode of South Park, which revolved around who would win the school mascot election; a turd sandwich or a giant douche.