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Who would have been up for a ride today?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by puppywarewolf, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone!!

    Yes, it is I!!!

    Today I finally got a chance to go for a REAL ride. I took off from my current Autumn Residence of Altona North and went to Kinglake, then to Healsville, then to Marysville, then to Black Spur, or does Black Spur come before Marysville? Not sure cause I WAS TOO BUSY RIDING!!! Then topped it off with the Reefton run........... Had a smoke at the end, put my helmet back on and then came back the very same way. All up was a six and a half hour ride, 4 or 5 hundred odd k's (not sure) with only two fuel stops at Healsville Ampol (one going and one coming). No coffee stops and no lunch stops except for a couple of chockie bars and a Mrs Mac Steak and Cheese Pie and a coke.

    It was a last second decision, BUT, if I had posted my intentions for todays ride yesterday or the day before, or the day before that, or maybe even a couple of weeks ago, who would have tagged along? Keeping in mind that there was no coffee stops or lunch stops and 6.5 hours of pure riding pleasure?

    The reason I ask is that I might announce Puppy Warewolfs Official First And Last Restrictions Ride soon, before I become a fully licenced rider at the end of August.

    Who would be interested in the Puppy's Twisty Tour Biathlon Triathlon (adds up to five) of Kinglake, Healsville, Black Spur, Marysville, Reefton.

    This will be the Tour that will be promoted with every cliche ever known to man. The Tour To End All Tours. Survival Of The Fittest. If You Only Go On ONE Ride This Year Make It THIS One, and.. A Bird In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Bush......

    So who would be up to it????
  2. Glad you are back Pup, missed ya. :wink:

    :D :D
  3. thats a good ride, but don't go straight from kinglake to healsville, instead for around to flowerdale and yea for some faster corners then down melba hwy to the re-surfaced toolangi rd to healsville.

    i'd be up for it on a weekend, some of us work during the week :p
  4. Welcome back young fella . Depends where you are planning the start point .
  5. Count me in.
  6. Thanks for the kind words Midnight Maniac.

    I don't care where the start point is. I just want the ride to last as long as a U2 World Tour.

    I want this ride to have more legs than a spider, and more bendies and twisties than something that has bendies and twisties in it.

    I want this ride to begin with a massive banner that will have a letter embossed with packaging tape by EVERY official AFL cheersquad member.

    I want Premier Steve Bracks along with the nations media to be at the starting point with Hard Hats on and Safety Vests, and want them to shovel the first piece of Bitumen we burn up.

    I want the Koalas in the trees to be shaking in their Eucalyptus Boots when we roar pass their natural habitat.

    I want Kangaroos to run back home and tell Sonny Hammond that WE ARE IN TOWN BABY!!!!

    So Whatever, Wherever, Whenever. Bring It On!!!!

    But it will ALL be under the PUPPY WAREWOLF'S TWISTY TOUR BIATHLON TRIATHLON........ OR maybe we should turn it into a Decathlon, or Haptathlon??

    Whatever I just want to ride the day away No Pub Lunches, no sight seeing, no Cafe Lates. I ride a motorcycle, not a scooter and I don't come from Milan!!!!

    Cheers all.

    YOUR ZZR 250 PUP, whom you all love to love.
  7. Keep posting Pup!!! Loving it!!

    :D :D
  8. Could be in for this mini-tour, just let me know when.

    And glad to hear from you again!
  9. in that case lets go over Mt Hotham then head further north towards thredbo. awesome ride and so many twisties you'll be sick of them by the end!
  10. NEVER! But you'll be needin a fresh set of rubber after an enthusiastic ride that long. ;)
  11. Would love to do this ride but being a learner of two and a half months I would never keep up...:LOL:
  12. all this shit your sprucking tuperware wolf you will never get out for a ride .
    especially when you dont have a start or start time .
  13. I believe it would be a Pentathlon. :D
  14. It would be a decathlon by the time you had turned around and done them all again on the way back.

    :D :D :D
  15. Uhm, if you took time out to read my award winning literature, I haven't organized it yet.

    It is mearly an expression of interest. And since there's no part in my pitch where I say we will be parking our bikes longer than riding them, only three people have put their hand up and said they would like to be part of it.

    So if anyone else is interested in a ride like this UNCLE PUP WANTS YOU!!!! 6.5 hours of riding with only Fuel Stops and two gazzetted Cigarette Stops. Totally aimed at the rider who doesn't get to ride much, and wants to cram as much riding in one day as possible.

    I am not the best rider, NOR do I have a fast bike or fancy knee sliders and Alpinestar gear, but just like that song says.."He's going the distance!!"

    So Groberts, you stick to your coffee nights and let me ride my motorcycle. That's my passion outside of rock'n'roll.

    Oh, Groberts, here's a thought for you. Maybe you should trade in your new 1000cc mega bike for a lil scooter and replicate those Draggin Jeans ads that are published in the mags. It's not like I'm trying to organize another coffee night, I'm trying to organize a ride. So if you aren't interested in going for a ride of this nature, that's cool, I respect that, but don't go calling my way of riding motorcycles bullshit. I don't think that is fair.

    As per usual, Cheers To All.

    YOUR "ON A STEEL HORSE I RIIIIIIDE" ZZR250 PUP. dishing it out as much as he receives productions. Copyright 2005
  16. id be there if i wasnt stuck in qld! damn border patrols :?
  17. Smuggling cigarettes is a risky business Pragnasty.

    Welcome aboard to the "Fight Against Motorcycle Riders Who Park Their Bikes In Public Longer Than Riding Them".

    Glad to have you. That makes Four Riders who have shown interest.

    Pretty good so far. We actually have enough to form a Doubles Lawn Bowls Match, if you wish to do so after the ride.

    Cheers All.
  18. Can we can squeeze in a couple more smoke stops(please , pretty please :wink: :wink: ) . I understand u r just after numbers atm pup , so long as the date u decide is free for me , i'll be there as well .
  19. You seem to me like mad max on the bike :D Easy with RedBull :LOL:
  20. as you put in you post tupaware i think it was RIDE TODAY , today being the operative word.
    I logged on thinking i have some free time , will get out for a ride , then filtered through all this long wind diatribe to find out no start point , no time , nothing but (wanna be) poetry that you would here a a yuppie book reading club .
    You talk about wanting to ride , well its simple
    1. start time
    2. location and route
    3. finish

    pretty cool that 3 lines :wink: ,
    buy the way i went for a ride , that is 3 in the last 5 days (not all long) and i have another 2 before next monday .
    4500 km in 5 weeks ( including work)
    less poetry more riding :wink: :LOL: