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who would do sundy arvo mystery ride out of town ? 25-2

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bangr, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. Howdy all

    Vic - melb ride .

    Just want to get a feel for who would be up for a sunday ride on the 25th feb - leave after lunch . same idea as thur night - ride leader is only one who has know were they are going .

    A few things a little diff from thur , longer ride and will be a out of town ride , will leave from the city area but will finish up out of town ?

    just want to get some idea on numbers before I put it to the calendar.

    This was put to me from another netrider , our back wheel queen , thought it was a great idea .

    would end up at a dinner/coffee place
  2. You're in Melb/Vic, yeah?
  3. tep - sorry should of put that on.
  4. Great Idea.

    I'll get a head start and start the ride on Thursday, see you all in Tassie on the Sunday :grin:
  5. fixed first post to say vic-melb ride .

  6. yep, I'm up for it :grin:
  7. You know I'd be up for it. :grin:
  8. I'm up for this..
  9. We could actually make this one, what an end to the Tassie adventure, Bren can you just make the end Devonport and we will just wait for you :LOL:
  10. I'II be a chance for this if it's afternoon.
  11. Yeah, make the start point Station Pier, at 9am :)
  12. LOL :LOL: I might have a go at this also as long as nothing pops up.
  13. Provided I dont pull out before then.. I wouldnt actually mind doing TEC either.. If there isnt someone who hasnt put their hand up..
  14. Give what a go? Tassie or the ride. If the latter then why are you quoting posts that refer to Tassie?

    Wait, don't answer that, I know the reason. It's coz you are a major malaka!!!!
  15. hell yeah!!
  16. TEc - your keen , it is yours if it goes ahead , the ride has not been planned , a few ideas but not 100 sure , have to check with others. could have a few from outside netrider aswell.
  17. Kind of made a rule not to do any big group rides since the off.. so if this goes ahead I would like to stay well close to the back out of trouble :LOL:
  18. Hmmmmmm!! Sunday before the annual Superbikes, bacon'n'egg rolls and bourbons away with the boys weekend.. this will take some major sucking up on my part .. :roll:
  19. Theoretically Yes
    Practically… I am not getting a lot of Weekend riding in of late and I see it becoming even more scarce over the next couple of months.
  20. Emphatic YES, and the later the better.