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Who would dare stick this on their back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TAX123, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. No.

    I certainly wouldn't wear rockers, and I DEFINITELY wouldn't wear ones that say "I'm all alone with no mates to back me up. Come beat the snot out of me."
  3. A lone wolf would
  4. Besides, Ktulu's would say "LONE SQUIRREL".
  5. .....NEEDS HUG".
  6. If a few people wore that then they wouldn't be a lone wolf anymore would they?
  7. prolly doesn't get into situations where he'd need backing up.

    Obviously hates clans/gangs etc

    People like that.
  8. no because it's not the lonewolf club! :cool:

    p:s This has got to be the worst logo out there.
  9. Seems to have the worst of both worlds: The Stigma of a patch club & no one to back you when you get in the sh1t!

    Someone is actually wearing this? It can't be a commercially available patch, that would defeat the purpose! :grin:
  10. We could start a club. We could all ride around on our irony cycles.
  11. I have vague memories from my days in NE England 20 years or so ago, of seeing a few genuine Lone Wolf MC patches, which I always thought to be rather self defeating. I was particularly amused by the fact that I always seemed to see them on the train.
  12. what if it were

    "lone wolves"
  13. You can't pluralise 'lone wolf' otherwise it wouldn't be 'lone' anymore. The second word 'Wolves' would be a contradiction with the first word 'lone' :wink:
  14. 'Lone Grammar Pedants and Lovers of Contradiction MC'

    (can only have members with huge backs)
  15. A w@nker is a w@nker whether alone or in a group.
  16. What is the collective noun for wanker?

    A tug?
  17. A Circle Jerk?

  18. Definately wear it - love the idea.
  19. A Yank?