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Who won the pre-season AFL NAB Cup in 2006 ?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Feb 6, 2007.

  1. This was the question between the "Valentino Rossi's" (our trivia team name) walking away empty handed or walking away with a meat tray !!! :evil:

    Caz V1 moz'ed us !! :p

    She gave us the wrong answer !!

    And we missed out on winning the meat tray !!! :evil:

    And she could not even remember Nicky Buckley and the other chic who is married to Steven Silvani !!! :LOL:

    Thats the last time i'm going to cheat at trivia night and call a Victorian chic ! hahahahaha :rofl:
  2. Carlton :shock:
  3. Geelong won it by 8 points.

  4. Well, thats another person i'm not nominating as my phone a friend when I appear on Millionaire !

    Exactly what Caz said !! FFS !! . . you Victorians should know this !!

  5. Some credit where its due man. Regarding "Nicky Buckley", you had the freakin wrong gameshow ! :rofl:
  6. Sorry dude but being a port adelaide supporter the others are insignificant :cool: 2001/2002 preseason cups 2004 premiership :grin:
  7. I DON'T do the footy thing anymore...since I got my bike :oops:
    I was remembering back to when we(carlton) won the wizard cup, 2005.

  8. yeah ! :rofl:

    Nicky Buckley, Lavidia Nixon and Joe Bailey !! hahahahahah !

    I swear the quiz-master said Sale of the Century !!
    No wonder the girls on the other table looked at us funny !
  9. Yep they won the Pre season cup then went missing :shock: :LOL: :LOL:

    Go Bloods!!
  10. Thats where i stuffed up both geelong and carlton both won the last 2 years and they both went missing :LOL: goes to show what u can read into the pre season cup :grin:
  11. The reason the Vics dont know who hte winner is, is simply a matter that the whole NAB cup is pointless.

    Look the past 2 winners and how they have gone during the regular season.

    No wonder we dont follow it.