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Who will Light the Flame.. London 2012?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MVrog, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Who will they pick? It will be someone Famous, and preferably a Former Olympian. Because of their stupid Class System, it won't be a Commoner.
    Maybe Princess Anne, because she ticks both boxes there, and she could start a fire with her Fierce Glare.

    Who would you choose?
  2. Sir Paul McCartney
  3. Guy Fawkes?
  4. Im hoping it's the bastard who pinched my phone, (read thread) I want him doused in kero, lit, and katapulted over the tourch.
  5. It'll probably be one of the Polish Builders still working on the stadium...

    What's the what's the not a commoner bullshit about???
  6. It'll be some famous olympian
    Sebastian coe maybe or someone else who held a world record and had a swag of golds.
    Maybe a current gold medallist with form.
  7. If Jeremy Clarkson doesn't do a rolling burnout in a Koenigsegg CCX past the torch [shaped like a toll-booth] and toss a flaming cigar-butt into it; there is no God.
  8. Edgie, you may be onto something. Mc Cartney could light it with a blazing leg, from the Heather Mills Collection. He would probably enjoy the moment.
  9. Possibly a bit of a long shot, Daley Thompson. One of the greatest all round athletes of our times, not just in Great Britain.

  10. who cares. :|
  11. Stick around, you might just be suprised.
  12. Would like to see Linford Christie do it, but it's more likely to be David Beckham.
  13. I reckon it'll be Kylie.
  14. She's not a Pom, but she could light it with one her sisters old Breast Implants. Silicone burns ok.
  15. [​IMG]

    Full kudos to the sportsmen and women, but the bullshit that surrounds the olympics makes it one huge crock of shite.
  16. +1
  17. does anyone really care??

    so much money for so little real benefit to anyone other than sporting goods and footwear manufacturers.

    I could go on but this isn't the place.

    Continue with advertised program.....
  18. That might be difficult since the BOA took his accreditation away in 1999, I don't think he's actually allowed in the stadium...
  19. Really? Why?
  20. Failed a drug test nandrowhatnot...