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who will insure me?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gsxr movistar, Jan 17, 2008.

  1. does anyone know who will insure me as i have several criminal convictions ,but have clean riding/driving record? i have my car insured with just cars.anyone know something similar for bikes?

  2. Call the Insurance Ombudsman Service on local call: 1300 78 08 08

    They can help you out as to who can and will insure someone in your condition.
  3. I'll insure you mate. I accept cash only though..


    But seriously though, there was another thread about this so maybe run a search.
  4. look i the yellow pages under motorvehicle insurance start from A and start calling, I dont like your chances though.
  5. not suggesting you put details of your convictions here, but whether an insurer accepts you is largely dependant on the seriousness of the convictions and how long ago they were.

    You could always call an insurance broker and let them do some leg work for you. They may be able to get you over the line.
  6. 2 things:

    1) who cares, you are a crook
    2) why are you asking us, we are not in the business of offering insurance, sugest you approach those that are.
  7. Just curious, you didn't steal your current bike from Tasmania did ya?

    But yeah, try a broker ya bloody crook ;)
  8. Excluding convictions for stealing, why are insurance companies shy to insure anyone with any kind of criminal record?...especially if they'd served their time and not reoffended??

    Just curious.

  9. I would imagine that they would also want to know about fraud convictions? :shrugs:

    I guess insurance companies consider criminal offenders as higher risk . . .
  10. get your facts straight mate.just because someone has convictions doesnt mean they are a crook. you dont know the situation.so keep your mouth shut.
  11. yes from tasmania i stole it. :wink:
  12. Hey Dikchead...

    By your own admission you have been criminally convicted, that moron, makes you a crook regardless of the circumstances.
  13. Unless you know the full story, I think you guys are out of line having a go at him.

    I know of someone who a guy had attacked him at a house, they fought, the attacker went through a glass door and died. The first guy was convicted of manslaughter and went to jail. He didn't plan it, start it or do it deliberately but his life was ruined by jail time and having a record. Yes, the other guy paid the ultimate price, but I'm quite sure he didn't plan to die either.
    And bad things do happen to good people.

    How about you lot lay off unless you know the whole story? It's really bad manners, and with the level of moderation on here I'm really surprised it has stayed.
  14. You can take Tweet out of the coppers, but you will never get the copper out of Tweet
  15. fcuk you,small minded prick.
  16. So errrrm....did you get insured?

  17. Well if he was in the force, that hardly puts him in the league of angels does it, he could be very dodgy? (Toss a coin for a result).

    You only have to read the majority of tweets responses in the forums to know that he has a room temperature IQ. His response here is as narrow as his hick intelligence level.
  18. 1) I care, he's paid a price which was decided by a court as fair punishment - you can't punish someone twice for the same crime - cops eh - tut.

    2)He's asking for advice from a motorcyle forum about motorcycle insurance? Or aren't convicted people allowed to ride motorbikes?

    No it doesn't - not at all. I'd hate to have a cop like you dealing with me - christ.

    Crook - meaning:

    Criminal - specifically it refers to someone who is corrupt and uses dishonest or unethical tactics to gain money.

    So if he got into a fight in a pub and got convicted of assault he's crook?


    Glad you are off the force mate - Best thing for you.

  19. Hey TWEET!!!! Go munch on some penis....
    Love to meet you sometime in a dark ally.