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Who went to work (Tuesday)?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by boz, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. Well, I'm here and one other is too.

    Any other poor sods at work?

    I'd rather be riding... such a beautiful day!!! I must say though that this morning was one of the best rides in I have ever had! Little traffic, dry, sunny, ... :?

  2. Hey Boz,
    My thoughts go out to you having to work today. But look at the bright side. They say it is going to rain this arvo. :roll:

    To get today off, I had to swap it with a Saturday. :( So I will be working on the 13th in exchange for today. Oh well. :?

    Can you at least watch the races on TV whilst at work?
  3. i'm at work - but only because i have just been relocated to Sydney - DOOOH!!! :oops:
  4. Lots of tv's around, but none get reception. May have to go to the pub (or leave work really early... no one would notice...)
  5. work

    :? iv been @work since 6am today and finishing @14.30 lets hope the weather holds out cos i have to ride home on the calder fwy.
    i guess its double time today so i cant really complain, however my mates have gone for a ride.
  6. yup me too, 8:30 - 5:00 god damn i hate my boss, i will probably have to work weekends now as well to meet his impossible deadline
  7. hehehe, go for it!
    Enjoy the day :)
  8. i get the luxury of working from home today. thank god for phone diversions and VPNs :D

    but getting a call from TNT while i'm trying to sleep in is a pain in the ass :?
  9. Mmm, 14:15 to 23:00 shift.


  10. Yep I am about to do some now, life sucks. Bloody bills if it was not for that and expensive toys I would gladly be a bum :shock: :LOL: 8)
  11. Us Sydneysiders have no choice but to turn up.
    At least the afternoon will be a bludge, though :)

    When is this going to become a national public holiday??
  12. Im working.............................

    On my figure.

    BBQ and Bourbon are todays program :)
  13. I still can't beleive there is even a state holiday for a horserace, let alone a national holiday!
  14. I'm bored of studying... I'd almost prefer to be at work ;-)
  15. OH its 1pm I just woke up I think 3 trips to Apollo bay and 2 to Authors seat and sale yesterday in one week is taking its toll but ill go for a ride this avo anyway I can here the bikes flying up and down the freeway yeah think ill go around the boula vard (yarra) i know i spelt that wrong cheers guys have a nice day
  16. That was unpleasent.

    At work now; when I left the house the sun was out, it was warm.

    Half way along the Monash, sky turned black and I got dumped on. Huge wind, lots of rain, had to pull over.

    It was a bit cold, I was only wearing the leathers :/
  17. I'm at work at the moment, no public holiday in Bangalore (but see post about Monday..). Everyone in the office today are in their suits and ties. We are getting a visit from the Victorian Trade Minister and Minister for Small business. I guess you can get a small Victorian business by running a large one in Melbourne and outsourcing your IT to India!!
  18. I leave for work at 5:30. I can feel another 11 and a half hour shift coming on. But at public holiday rate... I'll TAKE IT!!!
  19. Had a day off to do my tax return & still not finished! better be worth it!
  20. Still at work from starting on Tuesday.

    7pm till 7am 12 hour nightshift.... oh yay!