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Who went to work today (Monday)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Jimi, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. So here I am, sitting in my office and it dawns on me. I am only one of two here. :( Out of 11 people only 2 have arrived at work. On the way to work this morning I should have realised it would have been an easy day, as there was virtually no traffic compared to a regular Monday.

    O.K, I am not that stupid, I know it is Cup eve and many people have taken the option of a 4 day weekend. :) Which leads me to my question...

    Who went to work today, and who was slack and took it off? :?
  2. Hey Jimi
    You can have comfort in the knowledge you are not the only one at work. I am sitting here in my office. Not very motivated but at least here. :)

    One thing that I did not mind this morning was the trip in. Wow, that was the best trip in ever. I only wish the traffic was like that every morning.
  3. mmmmmmm work..... i'd much prefer to be here than ermmmm uhhhhhhh.... farkit, i wanna go home :(
  4. OR ME :D :D :D

    Unfortunately though I wont be out enjoying the day as I have to get a new pc up to scratch after my old one gave up last Friday. Just got the internet up and going. Now to the rest of it...
  5. Another sucker here, but I had no choice. My manager decided to go fishing today and wouldn't give me the day off...bastard! :(

    I'll just do what I need to and think happy thoughts.
  6. I am... it's a bit difficult to take a day off when I just took 3 weeks off.

    At least it's a quiet day.
  7. Since my last post, 2 more have turned up late, taking advantage of the fact that the boss is at the races.

    Only 7 hours and 15 minutes to go... :(
  8. I'm stuck in the office as well ](*,)

    I also have no motivation today....ok even less motivation than normal :LOL:

    Oh well guys at least it's not a nice day out there, that would be a real kicker!

    Ok, time for my mid-morning nap ZZZZZZ
  9. worked nightshift last night , specialling a patient and am on call tonight so that counts as worked i suppose

    goodnight its time to go to bed for me . :cry:
  10. Whilst I sit here at work, I tell myself through clenched teeth how glad I am that I'm contracting (day off = no pay). :evil:

    At least its quiet so I can browse the web all day. :)
  11. I get to be at work too. I don't even have tomorrow off either.

    As a side question: is today considered a 'school day'? Went through some 40 km/hour zones this morning at 8:30 and no one slowed (which is atypical on these roads because they are regularly speed-camera'd). There were some crossing guards out as per usual, but at other normal locations where there weren't.
  12. i am with you on that score spectre, i am also working tomorrow as well :cry: , have a 2 month contract with 20th nov deadline (stupid bosses and there stupid ideas)
  13. I'm at work today too. Being the 1st day of the month, I had to come in to do month end reports. Bugger!!
  14. I'm in the office along with roughly 5 others out of 25. I can see a long lunch break today....
  15. I'm at work.

    As we need to open for all states to access we work most public holidays excpet for the Australia-wide ones.
  16. I'm here at work :(

    Damn businesses want their recycling bins collected don't they! No respect for those of us who have to do the bins, NO! Plus I have to close off last week. Might hit the 2500 tonnes mark! That's approximately 32,500 trees :!: Save the trees!

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. :D
  17. hey Jimi, how's it going?

    you're not the only unlucky one. i'm at work today too :?
    the road was pretty quiet.

    say, how's the new bike going??????? you been enjoying yourself??? :LOL:
  18. No work today....except homework :cry: I guess I can't complain too much. I did get to play all weekend :twisted:

    :D :D :D
  19. I'm here at work. Yeeehaw, I can finally get some work done without some lazy colleagues (with a mental iq and the looks of a baboon) bugging me about a damn problem that their mothers could fix in a jiffy. :) Yay, I'm going to enjoy the day. :p