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who went to the cricket???

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by GMAN, Jan 14, 2006.

  1. :? any net riders went to the cricket last nite???
    i had to leave @ 8pm cos the game was so boreing.being a sri lankan was embarrsing.the crowd was good however the aussies r in great form.

  2. I watched it all on TV. My mum and sister come up to visit so I confined to my house :/

    I wanted to go to the match. Lee is in great form as well as Symond and Martyn.
  3. Perera was definitely the pick of the Sri Lankan line-up. Looks like the Sri Lankan team is going through a period of rebuilding, and quite understandably. Bit of a pity that the match became such a fizzer. The first 60 overs out of the 100 were the best part of the match, with good bowling from both teams and the great batting from Katich, Symonds, Martyn, Clarke and Hussey. It's a testament to the form of Martyn and Symonds that they still made Katich, Clarke and Hussey look somewhat like a side-show to the main event.

    Sadly by the 10th over of the Sri Lankan innings, the heart and soul had been ripped out from the run chase by Lee and Bracken, and from then on it just became a rather dull battle for survival for Sri Lanka to at least salvage some dignity in batting out the full 50 overs. I guess the bright side is that the Sri Lankan's did get plenty of time in the middle, and this may help them to improve with the bat in future matches.
  4. I am an MCC Member, I would have gone but it goes against the grain of paying $500 a year. And then having to pay to get into Telstra Dome. :shock:

    Come on support more cricket at the MCG. :grin:
  5. I worked up in the lounge - managed to catch a full 5 mins of it live, and probably 10 min on the tvs near the bar :LOL:
    Was kinda fun night - one of the waitresses flashed some guys who were watching us from outside TD.
  6. Seriously, how bad do the aussies make some teams look.. Only the poms have had success in the ashes series of late. Other than that bad patch the aussies had, they are so far ahead of the rest, its just ridiculous. The only problem the aussies will face is fatigue and you can only be up for so long. I guess the poms got Ponting and the boys in one of those lows..
  7. The bad thing for the rest of the world is that we could probably field another 11 players who could do the same thing; our depth at the moment is terrifiying. Look at the players who can't get a run!!
  8. Those Lankans were disgraceful. :LOL:

    I cant remember the last time Australia lost the series. Its always a 2
    horse race to see who faces Aust in the finals
  9. Another funny thing
    I was out the back and saw all these guys with lankan flags and colours etc dancing away... so i asked someone coming in from the floor
    "Whats going on?? are they winning all of a sudden??"
    Were all like, wtf are they dancing for?!

    then we noticed the half naked girl.
  10. eswwen,
    the lankan crowd love the drums and r cricket mad
  11. yeah i know, but i still think it was the girl who was clad in only an AUSSIE flag that spurrned the dancing :LOL:
  12. right

    yeah i know, but i still think it was the girl who was clad in only an AUSSIE flag that spurrned the dancing :LOL:[/quote]

    ur right,i guess i would have been dancing too :p
    ur up early
  13. 'tis is a pity. Australia's batting lineup has their skills set to industrial strength suck against the Proteas at the moment.
  14. Hmm the South Africans are making us look like amatuers, 20 overs 6/76
    Go the bowlers :shock:
  15. Re: right

    kind of. i just didnt go to bed till 9 am
  16. Night shift's the pits, eh eswen, specially in the catering/hospitality trade.....?
  17. I dont mind it to be honest. No one on the roads when i head home, usually dont have to deal with peak hour traffic, sure theres a few drunken nobs around who steal fairings and stuff but overall its not so bad.
  18. Re: right

    u seem a party person gettin to bed @ 9am,while i wrk @ the airport @4.30am :shock: