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Who went to Armin van Buuren last night?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by davesta, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hey who else went? I loved it, thought it was better then Tiesto. More lyrics, better venue. I like Tiesto's own tracks better then Armins but Armins mix was better last night. And Armin had dancing girls. Heh heh, the strippers and trance music combined, gotta love it. So who else loved it?? :cool:

  2. A bloke I work with went so I'm sure I'll be hearing about it for the rest of the week - especially when he knew I wanted to go :evil:
  3. I went... It was AWESOME!!
    i thought it was the best one I’ve been to - better than his white party last year even better than Tiesto...
    He brought out all the big guns- with the light show, trapeze, acrobatics.. it was so interesting and wtf were those people dressed in the 18th centuary costumes??
    Pity people were smoking inside the arena – and too many cameras – put em away people.