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Who wears Full Gear? not me

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tomcatalex, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I never wear full gear, dont own any either, way to expensive and a false sence of security too, maybe ok on a racetrack where there are no poles and cars,trucks cliffs etc

    anyway i wouldnt wear thongs and a tshirt, I wear my helmet, gloves (summer type) the winter gloves are way too thick for feel, and a pair of jeans and jacket(canvas or leather) got 2 to choose from. thats it. My boots are also too thick for any feel on the rear brake and hard to work around the gear changer, so Ive been wearing my leather sneekers most of the time.

    Ive seen riders with full gear looking like the hunch-back

  2. I assume you are just shit-stiring. Your statement is true however I guess, provided you live in a world where roads have no oil, gravel or leaves on them, all other road users never make mistakes and you are the perfect rider who has also never made a mistake.

    If this is all true, there would also be no reason why you would need a helmet? It does actually impair your vision, maneuverability and sense of hearing! I guess the ideal world does look like squid-ville.
  3. That's nice, dear.
  4. whatever floats your boat!
  5. All the gear All the Time.
    The least I will ride in is Dragins, Summer jacket, boots gloves back protector, and helmet.
    If I intend on riding twisties I put a set of motorcross greaves under the dragins.
    I then have a leather jacket, and Motodry Duo if it isn’t so hot, or is wet, and a set of dry rider wet weather pants.
    Your right, that if you hit a pole or end up under a car you are proper F#$ked. But there is more open space than space with objects. Better to take a lucky slide and walk away than have even the minor incidents put you in hospital.
  6. Buy proper motorbike boots you pillock.
  7. You are sooo cool. :cool:

  8. I never wear all that crap either when I ride my pushie.
  9. Hmmm, too expensive to buy gear? Should have invested in that BEFORE the bike possibly?
    False sense of security? What, your bike has seatbelts and airbags?
    Too cool for full gear? you, my friend are a douche :LOL:

    in the nicest possible way
  10. turd sandwich
  11. You could always approach the whole bike gear thing with some thought & flair.
    Perhaps a race suit is abit naff for going to the pictures or riding over to your nann’s place, but there are alternatives.
    Metro riding is like the most dangerous of all areas to ride in, I’ve found.

    Thing about riding motorcycles is that you are outside in the elements all the time. It only stands to reason that if you spend some decent time riding, you’ll build up a good set of kit. So initially, it will all seems pretty daunting to go from zero to the whole enchilada , but the penny drops as your kms mount up.

    Just that there are some forum posters here who have done those kms beforehand.
  12. Dunno if I should really encourage you in your provoking a flame war, but I'm going to take a dissenting view from many here.

    The only item I'd really take issue with here is the footwear. The rest is pretty much what constituted "full gear" in the time and place I started riding, not so very many years ago.

    Standard wear for serious riders in the UK in the late 80s (apart from racers and wannabe racers) was:-

    Boots, either proper bike boots (which would be unarmoured apart from maybe a steel toecap and/or a plastic shinguard) or high leg army boots (German paraboots were cheap and popular).

    Jeans. Kevlar lined ones hadn't come out at the time so heavy denim was the go. A few of the more affluent owned leather ones but even these would contain no armour. They might have a bit of armadillo padding on the knees.

    Jacket. Good leather, but, again, armour wasn't in widespread use apart from for racers, where it was just starting to make an appearance. Maybe some padding on shoulders, elbows and kidneys.

    Gloves. Plain leather. Any padding was for insulation. Armour unknown apart from maybe some studs (which were useless).

    Lid. Oddly enough, full face was probably more common than it is now.

    And that was it. Not so very much different to what you're describing (assuming your jacket, jeans and gloves are decent quality rather than market stall rubbish).

    Oddly enough, many people did many tens of thousands of miles clad in this manner. Some fell off. Most survived more or less intact. Indeed, I don't remember the injury toll among my friends and accquaintances being significantly higher than what I see here on NR where kevlar, temperfoam and polyurethane are widely assumed to have near magical protective properties.

    Doesn't mean it's not a good idea to invest in and wear the more recent innovations in gear though. I love my Draggins and, particularly, the elbow armour in my jacket :grin: .

    Dons flame suit :bolt: .
  13. Always. Either cordura or leather jacket. All weather rjays pants with armour or my Hornee jeans. A* summer gloves (love heated grips!), Axo wet boots or thor 50/50 boots.

    Hell I even ordered my first set of leather pants with sliders today. A fall is a fall, atleast you are protected with all the proper gear.
  14. i would enjoy this if it was a shit stir.

    but reading your previous posts im 99% sure you arent and 100% sure YOU should be wearing atgatt

    i wonder how many pages this will go for
  15. Oddly enough most of the time I still ride with the sort of gear I rode in 25 years ago (more or less).

    Typically I'll have a pair of leather boots (without armor) but just as often only shoes.

    A pair of denim jeans (occasionally draggin ones if it's cooler weather coz they are warmer but not coz they are more protective). If I'm doing a track day or going out hooning I'll wear leather pants.

    Mostly a cordura jacket (unless I'm doing a track day when I'll wear a leather one).

    Leather gloves (without armour or techno bits coz they aren't as comfortable as plain one).

    So yeah... 25 years ago I was wearing some sort of solid footwear, a jacket of some sort and some jeans (which is what I mostly wear now).

    Oh... and I'm not dead yet :LOL:
  16. Everybody's free... to wear whatever the hell they want

    Chose your gear, choose your consequences

    (OK, enough lame science-teacher jokes/references)

    Your general point is taken, Pat, although it's true to say both that (a) the tolls and damage probably were higher in objective terms, but your anecdotal experience didn't capture that and (b) bikes were less powerful than they are now. But I'm actually agreeing that there's no such thing as perfect safety and in some ways the advantages of those last few steps might be marginal.

    But I personally think it's worthwhile, although I also ride in jeans rather than kevlared pants. At least an actual bike jacket rather than some kind of dress jacket... and IMO boots are crucial, simply because of how easy feet are to ^%#& up, how hard they are to fix and how much the effect your life if they don't work properly. Same with hands, actually.
  17. To the Op: So?
  18. My most recent purchase is a back protector and I think it is one of the most important protection items. Sure you can go without gloves, jacket or boots and worst case scenario is you loose a toe, a finger or a heap of skin which might hurt like hell, but you'll get over it. Your back on the other hand is only protected my 2 or 3mm of leather in a jacket at best. If you land on something on the road back first (or even roll onto it a speed) and your back snaps, your pretty much screwed. Being a paraplegic does not get better with time. I think your back is very vulnerable and without a back protector it has little protection. I wont leave home without it anymore.