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Who was out today? And where were you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mach, May 31, 2008.

  1. Please tell me you all got out for a ride today?

    Because If you own a working bike, and you didn't go for a ride today you've got issues.

    Kinglake was looking really good today, a few cyclists but not a lot, maybe 8 cars for the whole run up.

    Chum Creek road, yet again just perfect! Saw maybe 5 cars tops

    Back Spur: God damn boring! Who ever is the idiot that made that an 80 zone needs their head read.

    Reefton Spur. Looked good too, a little damp but the surface was clean, just a damn shame that I couldn't keep up with Faye. Damn that SV moves. Thanks for the lesson Faye.

    Poweltown over the bump was like the Reefton Spur, a bit damp but clean.

    All day, I think I may have seen 15 bikes, so, where were you all? It was perfect!
  2. Working - but I rode to work :grin: 2kms away :LOL: Only cos the car ran out of petrol last night :LOL:
  3. went for an afternoon ride with some peeps out to warburton, first time I wasn't at the back of the pack :grin: (my cornering is still craptacular)
  4. I left home at 1.15pm, went hte back way thru Christmas Hill and arrived at Healesville at about 2.00.

    Then spent the next hour going back and forth thru the spur to Fernshaw.

    You are right about the Black Spur speed. Going into corners at 80 and as you geton the gas coming out, you are already speeding. Lucky they werent patrolling today, otherwise I was in trouble.

    On the way home, came back via Old Healesville Road and as I was coming around a left handed sweeper, I notice a water truck parked on the right hand side of the road. As I get closer, I realise the hose from the truck goes across the road and there is a guy hosing down the road. Holy Shit, gotta get o nthe brakes. There is crap all over the road.

    Now I gotta clean all the mud off the bike. There must have been some truck that had dumped a whole lot of mud crap all over the road.

    Oh well, was a great afternoon to be out riding.
  5. I had the day off and it was a great day for a ride, however I dont do any riding on weekends cos of the risk of not only myself crashing but other people crashing into me.
    I'd rather go on weekdays. Less traffic.
  6. Yep I did but my form was woefull to say the least, but that is another story.

    I blasted off from Langwarrin to to Spurs via Belgrave, Dandenong’s, Gembrook, Healesville, Black Spur, Marysville the Reefton Spur, Olinda, Belgrave again and home.

    It was a quite day at the Spurs for bikes and slower.
  7. Yes, Yes I did (But you already know that :wink: )

    Well after we parted ways at Warburton, I went and played on some of the roads threw Gembrook, Emerald, Belgrave before heading home.

    From what I saw in my mirrors, you ride smooth. You need to be able to ride smooth BEFORE you can ride quick. I have no doubt your speed will come in time.
  8. Uni work ALL day :'( Did include a commute to and from uni, but couldn't enjoy it due to scum of the earth (weekend drivers).
  9. At least I got on my bike, even if it was only to check out the Snowgum clearance store in Clayton. It was so nice out that I should of kept going but I've meaning to go to the store for a while now and never got around to it before now. I did however get a lovely merino wool icebreaker long sleeve T for 40% off and some silk glove liners for under $10, I'll be nice and warm for my next ride.
  10. yeah man! laps of the old rd all day!
    :cool: :grin:
  11. I have issues.

    I spent the day driving around in a patrol car chasing alarms :(
  12. i was trashed as a motherfudger in batemans bay starting 9am. just got home.
  13. I had 4 kids to look after today,

    at least it was a nice day to take them to the park :)
  14. 2 young kids, single parent. Went clothes shopping with them, played with them, weeded the garden. No bike riding for me :(
  15. Didn't get out for two reasons:

    1. Chain tension is rooted. I'll adjust the chain to where the tension is spot-on, but then as I rotate the back wheel the chain tension varies from absolutely taut to loose enough to slap the swingarm. Haven't figured out what the problem is yet.

    2. I'm on-call this week, so keep getting interrupted (partially why I've not sorted reason 1 yet). If I lived near any interesting roads (and had a working bike) I would have taken the punt and gone out, checking the phone every 1/2 hour or so for missed calls. But as I'm surrounded by flat, straight, & boring it just wasn't worth the hassle.
  16. I was riding today bahaha on my lovely brand spanking new bike..and OMG did it feel like my arms were being ripped out of there sockets when i accelerated, I can only imagine what a litre bike feels like
  17. It sounds like you have a tight spot. You will need a new chain. The chances are you will be up for new sprockets as well.
  18. after two kids, and another due any day, i wish this was my problem :(
    :p :bolt:
  19. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Ohhh Joel, you really want to hope your wife doesnt see that.. If she does, YOU ARE A DEAD MAN.
  20. I was out today...


    Mate went too hot into a corner and ended up in hospital :(

    Possible broken knee, some neck injuries (waiting on scans) and short term memory loss

    Yeah.... not good...