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who was out last night (17/11) on their bike?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smitty, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. went to a Christmas function last night (Dunlop ol' boys...)
    and driving home (in the cage) from the Glen to Bayside
    the number of people (especially Learners & Ps) out on bikes was amazing
    4 on Springvale Rd
    3 on Dandenong Rd (cnr Warrigal)
    2 in Murrumbeena
    3 up North Rd
    2 in South rd
    and most on TwoFiddys....

    anyone from here????

  2. I went to St.Kilda for gelati but came home just after 8 via Beach road/North Rd. If you had seen my number plate (FLIPR... on a red half naked across) you would have known it was me ;)
    But how many SQUIDS were out last night, they are the one and only riders I refuse to nod to :roll:
  3. I went to St Kilda for gelati at around six and saw heaps of squids then.
    I did Beach Rd at around midnight and there were still plenty around. Most were on fireblades from what I saw.
  4. Not only fireblades Splash, there were also a lot of GSXR1000 and R1. And as lil pointed out to me, most of them don't even know how to turn a corner :D :LOL:
  5. Or handle tram tracks - I wouldn't ordinarily laugh at that but if you're wearing shorts and a T-shirt in a 'I can handle anything' pose then you should avoid the stuff that makes you look like a nuffy.

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. I was out on North Rd and General Bayside area... Big guy on a Red Across. :D

    BTW, what's a squid...? :roll:
  7. A squid is a rider with a hard head (helmet) and floppy limbs (no protective clothing on the arms and legs) :)
  8. Helmet, but no other armor. Hard on top, soft dangly bits below. Trenshadow taught me that last night :D :D :D
  9. Went for a blast you to The Glen and back again, even at midnight it was still such a nice night that I went exploring and found a far cooler way to get home following a scenic section of the Yarra without traffic lights and traffic, rather than negoitating lots of traffic, roundabouts, lights, level crossings losts of tram tracks and fiddly corners. Quite happy with my little discovery.
  10. I was out with Novacoda, Slider & cbrdno unfortunately birdrock busted a throttle cable & couldn't make it. We did a loop from The Basin up to Olinda, Monbulk, Emerald back of Seville back to Monbulk, Olinda for coffee & down Mt Dande Tourist Rd. Was awesome, thanks guys hope I didn't slow you down too much!

    Sorry Jeff it was Urban not cbrdno I forgot your username! Guess I'll have to keep thinking urban legend so I don't forget again!
  11. Was out in the local area doing a few errands, preferring the bike to the cage.

    Now if only it will hold off raining for tomorrow and I can ride to work again!
  12. Out and about

    Went to ST Kilda for the gelato, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgelato
    Left around 7:30 to come home and get the work gear ready (dammit)
    Saw quite a few bikes but only a couple of squids (great term by the way)
    Quite a few bugs as I was cruising down the beach road section before heading back to the wild west of Werribee.

    :? :LOL:
  13. heh.... my uncle wasn't a squid last night, lucky for him.

    he came and picked up his new GPX250 from us to ride it home and stacked it on the way. went to slow down around a corner and wasn't used to disc brakes so he grabbed a handful and the bike tossed him off :LOL:

    he learnt first hand the value of protective clothing, leather holds up much better than shorts i'd reckon. he's got a limp today and he feels a bit sore, but no road rash. i think he might be buying a leather jacket soon aswell, the cordura protected him, but still tore at 40kph or so.....

    i dont get why so many ppls take that risk :? just seems a bit insane to willingly put yourself through that. theres a whole bunch of the silly pricks around keysie too, learners on babyblades in shorts and tshirts :|
  14. Oh, so thats a Squid... :D

    Living near the beach I see heaps of them all over the place. I was down at Elwood beach yesterday at around 5pm when I saw about 4, one was topless (a guy, sorry to get anyones hopes up) and wearing only a helmet, shorts and sneakers. As he left the carpark he did a wheelie and then burned out of sight. I couldn't believe it. :shock:

    I went for a ride yesterday and was in leathers, bots and gloves, sweating like crazy, lucky I was in gear though, I had my first (very) near miss... surprise surprise, involving a TAXI :evil:
  15. The main thing to remember about Taxis is they are ambush predators. They wait for you to get close and then they pounce. They dont have much endurance though so if you keep a little distance they soon look for easier prey.

    :D :D :D
  16. I was out!! Mmmmm....gelati!!!!

    :D :D :D
  17. My dri-rider stood up to 110km/h crash with only one small hole on the elbow and a few marks on the shoulder, my helmet and bare legs were a different story though.

  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I love it!!!
  19. yer, this was a dri-rider too. i dont doubt their ability to protect under most circumstances, but if you land the wrong way, it seems that it comes apart fairly easily. his leather pants only scratched up a little bit so that was ok, but i wouldn't trust cordura for a serious ride :|
  20. Cordura keeps you warm around town riding.
    Leather for long trips.