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Who was it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cotso, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Was lying in bed last night about 3-4 am and heard a bike go past our house next to the Mornington Peninsula F/W McCrae. Man you must of been hammering.I was hoping for your sake that there were no foxes jumping out at you, because the speed you were going !!!!! also cops love sitting in the bushes waiting right where you flew past.

  2. Nah, wouldn't be a netrider, try asking over at ASB :)
  3. must've been a hard man to have been riding at 3:00am in a Victorian winter :LOL:
  4. I think it was Nightrider - on tour. :)

    Hornet - hard man? You're kidding. Come to Canberra, where only real men ride in winter! My bike is safely under its cover waiting for tomorrow when the temp will be positively tropical for winter - 19°.

    Last Sunday, my son and i had a snowball fight only half hour's drive from here in the suburbs.
  5. you're not telling me anything I don't remember; I rode all year round down there in the 80s, from Flynn to Calvary Hospital for work, and everywhere else brrrrrrrrr :LOL:
  6. -19 in canberra?

    ok mate....

    its cold, i know, i lived there once and learned to ride there in the middle of winter. But its not -19 anywhere in australia...
  7. as opposed to hyphen 19?
    Which is clearly what it says.
  8. I dunno... if you locked Tony and Julia in a motel room I reckon it would hit -19 pretty damn quick... glad I don't live in Canberra!
  9. What are you basing your estimation of his speed on? The sound of the engine or the speed which the noise appeared then disappeared.
  10. I hear lots of cars and bikes go past, it was quiet and i hear them as they come under the overpass then go past our house down the hill to the end of the F/Way,and i can say i'v never heard anyone come and go so quick (25 years here) I hear lots of screaming bikes that sound fast but when you apply time to it you know there just floggin a slow bike
  11. I had to ask, because it's not unusual for people (including the police) to make an estimation of speed just on the sound of the engine. An Across sounds really quick when you have it in 2nd doing 60.
  12. i live just off the start of one of adelaides 'A' Roads. Belair road, just under WINDY POINT.

    not only do i get the bikers doing the same type of stuff in middle of the night or early mornings, i also get the turbo Rice burners, and the v8 brigade doing the same thing as well. ALL hours of the nights and mornings.

    if you are a fan of hot cars and bikes......its not a bad thing, but i also hear and see ambulances going up the hill on more than a few occasions. i also see where they... (cars/bikes) have run into the rock wall or armo as well each time i go up the hill.

    you KNOW the ones that are really moving....its not always just in second gear making a racket. as they go up the hill, they haev to go through a few harpins. they echo each time they exit them. over 35 years of listening to it, you get to know the time from each hairpin to the next. for 95%, they are moving real fast , the other 5%....insane speed!!!!
  13. Could have been one of those cbr250rr things with a 'loud' muffler...LOL ....a zillion revs to do the speed limit.
  14. they come up crawling from the traffic lights, then as they approach the first hairpin, it is directly lined up with my house, the noise is loud for about 4 seconds before they disappear around a left hander, then a right hander, (no noise for a bout 5 seconds) then back to a left heading towards the second haripin. then as they exit the second hairpin the noise echos back and the fast ones may take another 5 seconds before i hear them again. replace the 5 second gaps with 3 seconds.....and then you have an idea that these are the fast guys. byt he time they hit the 3rd hairpin, righ at windy point they have to back off as they will go over the edge.....

    so from the first harpin to windy point, it may take joe bloggs in his beige coloured kingswood 120 seconds to get to windy point hairpin. may take me in my cruiser 60 seconds??? a fast 1000cc sport bike 30 seconds.......the insane ones, 20 seconds.

    i never measure with a stop watch, i just get to know the noise diffrences, each time they appear at each hairpin over 3 decades.
  15. Hornet - I admire you for having ridden all year round in Canberra. I freely admit to being too much of a wimp to venture out much in winter.

    As for -19°, ooh, that would be too much. It was "hyphen 19°" that I meant. I have ridden in -9° here once, that was terrible. It hasn't got below minus 10° in Canberra but that is bad enough. So a lovely plus temp tomorrow, although the wind chill factor at 100kmh will put a bit of a dampener on it.

    Jphanna - I remember that Belair Road well from my yoof - both on an RD400 Yammy and in my stealthy Cortina (a 440 MK11, but full GT mechanicals, hot cam, extractors, twin Webers and 7" inch rims). Ooh, those were the days. Plus the Lobethal Run on Sundays from Eagle on the Hill. Many more great roads through the hills too. Amazing I am alive to remember any of it.
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  16. The funny bit was when i heard it i just went "Fark", and woke the missus. And nah, i didn't luck out
  17. My mistake powered, and yes 19 is good for this time of year down there!
  18. Yeah. I remember belair road. I started near windy point and exited when i merges into another road. (cant remember the name... Chandlers maybe).
    It was my regular road as i grew up round brighton.

    My favourite was hitting eagle on the hill. Then up mount lofty(?) and down the otherside. It exited near one of he connecter roads to windys from memory.. Been a few years......

    Dont think id do it on the bike though... Too much fear now to push it that far.