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Who wants to talk E85 fuel?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by gsxxer, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. Whats the deal with this stuff nowadays? Is it an economical alternative to premium fuels?

    Ive been thinking about installing programmable fuel management in my wagon, and E85 seems to be popular with turbo vehicle owners and tuners for its desirable characteristics.

    Im having trouble finding info on prices and availability long term though.

    Is it worth spending money converting to E85 only to have the fuel prices go up? Or is ethanol a steady supply since we dont have to rely on the middle east?

    Keep in mind I want to use this as a replacement for 98 octane fuel, since I dont use anything less.
  2. E85 is 85% ethanol. that's some serious shit.

    I run the car on E10 when I can get it, but only because it's signed off for that. I wouldn't be running on any higher ethanol without completely rebuilding the fuel system with ethanol compatible parts - by which time you've totally blown any financial advantage of the fuel

    If you want a replacement for 98RON just use the premium E10 blends that are rated 99/100RON
  3. It's difficult, E85 can have undesirable effects on engines not designed for it.

    That being said I haven't looked at it as my cage use built to use it. You might need to use an additive. What's the cage?
  4. Cost is lower at the pump at the trade off of higher mileage.
    Bikes are not designed for it as far as I can tell.
  5. Some of the high hp turbos aren't using pump e85 as it's not very consistent and the e content is variable and it's usually mixed with anything, they are buying it by the drum

    This is something I was looking at for my car...... But as it's still a streeter sure the extra 60+rwkw would be great, but the really poor range would be a massive pita so I decided just to stay tuned for ultimate...

    If I had a weekender I'd jump on it, get 2 drums and a hand pump for the garage, the stuff gets delivered apparently you can get it delivered in 200L drums for not much more than $1/L I wouldn't bother though if your car is n/a
  6. for storing E100 you need a liquor license - seriously!
  7. It's not about the additive. The ethanol in such high percentages will eat all the seals in the fuel system if they are not compatible. The fuel tank itself can also be affected if it's plastic. There's a lot of unfounded panic about E10 fuels but it is a real issue on the higher concentrations
  8. Got some information that might be of interest here. Attached PDF is from a monthly car club newsletter, it deals with E10 and classic cars, but has relevance to the E85 debate here.

    Attached Files:

  9. Stagea RB25DET, so theres plenty of tuning knowledge and hardware out there.

    Apart from its fuel efficiency, which isnt too bad, I think Ill hold onto it until it breaks. Id like to modernise the engine though if petrol gets too exorbitant in the next few years.
  10. We were considering converting my track car to E85 but decided not to, at least for now.
    The pump variety varies between E70 and E85 depending on the season and market, yes it is at the bowsers for about $1 a litre.

    The drum fuel is approx $500 a drum of 200L delivered, to commercial addresses only. So, it is $2.50 a litre, you use 40% more, so $3.50 a litre equivalent. Good race fuels can be had for the same sort of price, no upgrade of fuel system, injectors, tank size etc needed, and no need to carry 40% more fuel for a track day.
  11. My old cage (turbo) was slightly rich and would blow flames on gear changes when running on E10. I got some funny looks :D