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Who wants to give me 13 grand?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Bravus, Jun 14, 2008.

  1. ...cos this is a hell of a deal on a hell of a bike:

    Superduke in SA

  2. i charge 95% interest per day, stick to your suzuki champ :)
  3. bravus if you ever get one
    im so gonna drool all over it at the UQ Centre undercover carpark :LOL:
  4. Bravus mate, I'd love to give you 13grand, plus any onroad costs. Because that would mean that I would have too fcuking much money - this is a condition that I'm sure I could live with. However seeing as missed out on that $58mil it seems we are both shit outta luck :(
  5. Super Dukes don't have good resale... possibly because KTM are fairly new to the road bike area.

    And the styling of the SD is rather polarizing... either you love it or you hate it (I love it).

    I saw that bike advertised and I was tempted but it doesn't suit the sort of riding I'm doing. It's excellent buying though!
  6. yeah, I live in hope that some benevolent millionaire will wander by and hear my cry... but in the mean time I got serious about budgeting and paying off debt and investing... can't afford it now, but if a similar deal comes up in a couple of years I'll be ready...

    And, given the 'fairy godmother' aspect of the dream, it does include keeping the Bandit too for the kinds of riding the Superduke is not made for. ;)
  7. The kind of riding that requires both wheels on the ground :p

    One day I hope to have a brand new 990R.. one day she will be mine
  8. i'd give a fellow biker 13k to get the bike of thier dreams, but this time, fark yas, she's mine! :LOL:

    i think one day i'm gonna have to convert to KTM, as they are the only mob doing sports V twins. sorry but anything out of italy doesnt count :grin:
  9. woooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, BIG words there Dom.... hope you can back them up....

    Its like me saying anything with half an engine (Twins) dont count :LOL:
  10. Pardon my dissent but that is one ugly mofo.
  11. Dan Ya BASTARD! :LOL:
    nothing to back it up really, i just dont like italian bikes!
    and mate we both know twinners are grinners!
  12. i can get u a cheque from the bank of Nigeria for 15k. Jus send me the 2k back :p
  13. i wouldnt know as i cant see your smile in my rearview mirrors.... so ill take your word for it........ :cool:

    straight lines dont count :p