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who wants to get their skydiving ticket?

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by raffiki, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. i'm going to go and get my skydiving ticket and was wondering if theres anyone else who may be interested?

    i was originally trying to get a group together but i was amazed at the number of people who have an aversion to jumping out of a perfectly good airplane :? however i thought bikers may be a little more adventurous :wink:

    its about 1800-1900 for the 8 stages
    the first 2 stages are basically theory friday night, prac sat, jump sun.
    the remaining stages are only 2ish hours. bit of theory and prac then jump. those remaining stages can be done whenever you want, weather permitting.

    so who wants to jump out of a plane?
  2. Apparently....the statistics show that you are safer jumping out of the said "perfectly good airplane", than staying on it! Due to the light plane crash stats. :LOL: :shock:

    Would love to do a tandem jump at the very least....... :D

    But at the moment....have to fit it in between scuba diving and motorcycling....hmmmm, decisions, decisions! :roll:
  3. I would love to do it but I'm broke as at this time, mabey later in the year tho!
  4. w00t!!!! you dive too?!?! awesome we'll have to go for a dive sometime :) i'm just finishing off my padi divemaster then onto instructors :):):):)
  5. Which drop zone were you thinking? I did most of my course at Euroa which is not listed with the APF so my quals aren't recognised beyond the fenceline (they didn't mention this until after I had completed stages 1 through 4) I need to requalify from scratch!

    This decision was easy, Euroa had no 'perfectly good' airplanes. The door on the old Cesna I jumped from had a tendency to pop open on the way to height. Bit disturbing as I was often squashed against it at the time.
  6. I first did a tandem jump. Did this because in the course your first 2 jumps are from ~3000 feet, and there is no free fall, and for my first experience I wanted freefall. My tandem jump was from 9500 feet. I was so thrilled with the experience I started my jumping courses. Completed the my first jump, and then ran out of money... That was about 5 years ago now...
  7. This is only true if you are doing a Static Line course. I did Accelerated Free Fall course, my first jump started at over 10,000 feet and I landed by myself. Static Line course at Euroa was 17 drops, rather than 9 for AFF so I decided on the faster option.
  8. I have tandem jumped twice. Awesome fun - couldn't afford to do the course though
  9. I didn't know there were other options (yes I took static line course)... where I was in Canada there was only one skydiving place around (within a 500 k radius) and that was all they offerred. I didn't know that there were other methods (course styles) to achieve qualification! The course i was involved with only required 9 stages / 8 jumps (the first stage is theory and safety).
  10. I did about five jumps on static line some years ago before ran out of cash - still out of cash but would HIGHLY recommend any sort of jumping - even SL.

    Its only the bit where you leave the plane that's a bit tricky IME!
  11. aff was started in the states about 15 years ago (if i remember correctly) but it didnt really take off till 5 years down the track then it went nuts a few years after that. even though aff was statisticly safer a few still kept with static lines. it was just one of those 6 of 1 half a dozen of the other type things.

    i was going to do it with barwon heads airport as they are with apf (they do their training out at euora airfield too), plus i did a tandem with them and they are a great bunch :)

    this is something i wanted to do over xmas but work is gay and put a stop to that so, i was now thinking 1/2 months down the track.
  12. I would HIGHLY recommend Sydney Skydiving Centre to any sydney peeps thinking about jumping... they are real friendly there, good facilities and fully recognised quals etc etc.
    I've only done a few AFF stages thus far... bloody expensive hobby, but if you can squeeze out the beans its worth every cent. cant wait to do more!!!
  13. What was your instructors name?
  14. You would have to bring a tyre lever to prise my fingers off the plane's doorframe.
  15. i got luke the poor bastard.

    them: how much do you weight?
    me: 145kg
    them: ah just give me a minute, i'll have to find the lightest instructor
    luke walks out with a puzzled look on his face and only weighing 60kgs
    luke: how much?
    me: 145
    walks back inside for a minute then comes back out
    luke: hmmm yeah this one should be big enough

    then as we landed there werent enough catchers on the ground so luke got dragged into a ditch with a big arse concrete pipe in it with me on top of him. he cushioned my fall :D
  16. Myself and titania did stage 1 with a group of friends about 3-4 years ago now out of Wangarratta. It's a great experience :) As you said, theory all day Saturday, quick recap/refresh Sunday morning and then the jump Sunday arvo. Soo glad I have done it and absolutely loved it, but it's an experience I'm not in a huge hurry to repeat. Plus, there's many other experiences out there to try too :) Still have the jump certificates framed an on the wall too :)

    For titania's jump, I brought a video of it (another jumper goes up with a camera attached to his helmet and jumps alongside her and records it all). Fully recommened this to anyone also, as it's great to lok back on it to relive it and watch teh facial expressions etc :) The video itself was well put togther too with minor production, music, slomo on teh good parts, interviews etc.
  17. jump from 10,000 feet into thin air......????
    with only a bit of fabric to prevent you lookin' like sauce on the ground??

    I would rather ride a bike........

    and I think exactly the same about bungy.....

  18. To quote one of my intructors 'Bungy jumping is an old persons sport'

    Nothing gives you faith in yourself and that bit of fabric than when you pack it yourself and they give it back to you to jump with.
  19. i did a tandem jump a year ago and promised myself afterwards that when i could afford it i'd go back and do the course you are talking about. But i still can't afford it...
  20. I would love to do it but :twisted: .... I'm too scared :oops:

    Lisa :twisted: