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Who wants to get really really drunk tonight?(or tuesday)

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by es, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. first day of my holidays, plus im pissed off with someone... what better reason?
    pm me if you are interested. suggestions on place to go apreciated....

  2. pfft you are all losers who have to work tomorrow arent you ;)
  3. lol, feel like a tip to Drouin? i'll get smashed with ya
  4. Re: Who wants to get really really drunk tonight?(or tuesday

    Hmm, should you really be encouraging people to tell you where to go? :p :LOL:. I always like a good excuse to drink but unfortunately I'm busy tomorrow, and it's a bit late for me to head for Melbourne now.
  5. If you're still drinking at 7am when i finish work, i'll join ya :p (honest..)

    Otherwise, how's about a NR drink up in the city this friday night? :D
  6. too late, i'm a drunken mess already
  7. see !!

    Now can you see why I said "since when was eswen a chic" :rofl:
  8. Hey Es.....SMS/ring me..you have my number......
    we need to do some SERIOUS CELEBRATING :)
  9. Oh i see.... i was the last option when no one else wanted to go :(
  10. no i had already called you but thought i would extend the invite out there...

    had a great time though :)
  11. I was kidding, i know you can't stop thinking about me es ;)
  12. yeah i know :( you are just too studly for me to get you out of my mind :cool:

    girlfriend heheheha*cough*
  13. I thought i was the last option :dunno:
    thursday night man.
    We is going to Next.

    im gonna dress all emo for the ladies
  14. I'm scared some jocks are gonna bash me up for wearing tight black jeans and lookin all emo :eek:hno:
  15. you guys suck :(
  16. They don't beat up girls