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Who wants to bring a cripple some chocolate?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by es, Jul 26, 2005.

  1. I can't walk very far because my ankle is all smushed.
    I cant ride anywhere cos my bike is at bobs.
    But Im craving chocolate (and fruit) really bad!!!
    If someone is feeling bored, passing through fairfield sometime before 5 today, Id really apreciate some get well chocolate :( some timtams, even some grapes. Actually I dont mind strawberries, mandirines, or pawpaw either.
    Im so desperate Ill even pay you back for them!!! please? someone?

  2. Dont you have a housemate anxious to avoid personal injury?

    I would deliver a mercy mission but the earliest I could do it would be about 9pm, figure you'd probably have starved by then

    :D :D :D
  3. Whats the difference between the Easter Bunny and Eswen ?

    They both hop but only one has chocolate. :LOL:
  4. OMFG mat!!! That has to be your only good joke EVER!!!!! rofl

    (p.s. ill eat all your food while your at work, then you will be sorry...)
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  6. humph, i feel so unloved...
  7. Why does it have to be before 5? Cos i could swing past about 6ish..... :)
  8. But hey, at least people are thinking about you

    Lifes little victories

    :D :D :D
  9. cos there would be no point as mat would be home and i can threaten him with slaps till he goes and gets em for me :p also, VTRbob is picking me up around 5.30ish so I can have some tlc with my poor bike, and hopefully test ride tonight.
  10. the guy that sits next to me just found some raffle chocolates in his draw and threw one too me. you got a thought and a smile out of me, smile may have been left over from the private health insurance thread tho...
  11. aw thats so sweet :) I ate mats food so i am feeling a little better rofl.
  12. yeah that was good :D

    we have this chocolate box at work, and the dude refilled it today.. so weve been eating them all again..hopefully the company pays for the missing ones.. .. ..
  13. hahaa, my gf loves to eat anything of mine, but i mean like at dinner she loves eating anything out of my plate, even if she has some

    feel your pain matt,

    we both still live at home, whats it like moving in together??
  14. was about to ask if you'd done anything to the ninja, and to send me a pic. had a look at one the other day, couldn't buy it cause i'm broke, just realised the 3 of you guys have kawas. any particular reason??
  15. havnt done anything except crack the top fairing :(

    still got a cheap alarm system to put in and a speedo thing, and i bought a cheapass watch that has a light so i can see the time at night, put it on the super cool air tube things.

    first couple i looked at were like 5,2

    but got mine for 4,2 ( + on road costs, 300$ ) rego till late this yr.. november i think, has 36 thousand clicks tho.

    ive never reall ridden other bikes but my bike is awesome to ride

    better for taller people, im 6' ( dont feel it though... ). and looks nice + uncommon, i have yet to put stickers on. still deciding wether i should or not..
  16. we all have kawas cos we rock; everyone wants to be cool like mat...
  17. A test ride tonight ?
    lets see get home at about 6.30ish have something to eat, at least an hr per fork to reassemble and bleed up ,
    then another hr to put the front end back together inc putting the fairing back on. make sure its all sitting true etc etc. then lube and adjust your chain ... bc its so bloody dry again !!

    and you recon im still going to be out freezing my nuts of in the garage at 11 oclock tonight ?

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. hahaa you get that i suppose, is that what eswan was talking about or is she talkin bout matt

    the one i was looking at was a 91 for 2200 had done 50-60000 tho,
    still looks good to me, had good fairings the lot was in good condition

    cant wait till i get enough money tho, drives me nuts sitting at home, i have a car, but its a slow peice of shit with fcuked suspension, ok car tho, just need a bit of rush to keep me going, work in an office atm too so i'm bored outta my mind all day.

    I'm only 5'8 so i don't really have any height problems,