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Who wants to be on the Telly?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wolve, Jul 15, 2010.

  1. Casting call for extras for "Neighbours".

    Guys need to have their own bikes (which we will insure for the shoot) and come with their own gear etc.

    The age group is quite important - can be anywhere from 25 - 35 years old. As they have to fit in as 'friends' of one of our characters.

    Here are the details of the shoot for you -


    LOCATION: will be at a house in Mt. Albert, Victoria

    CALL TIME: 8:45am for a 6 hour call

    RATE: $144.37


    LOCATION: will be at a house in Mt. Albert, Victoria (same as Wednesday's)

    CALL TIME: 2:45pm for a 4 hour call

    RATE: $96.24

    If you're interested please contact membershipsecretary@mravic.org.au

    List your age and what bike you have.
  2. I tried getting on the telly once, but I fell off.
  3. interesting that -- I would come out after a big night on the town and sit on the telly and watch the sofa
  4. I tried but telly won..
  5. Haha, I might be up for this.
  6. Email sent.
  7. Haha it's going to end up being all the people who were at the dyno day, isn't it? =D>
  8. how about Browny ? -- he may be able to use the chance to crack onto some starlet ?
  9. Probably. We were a very dashing mob!
  10. Aww, sounds like they need nakeds and cruisers :( I'm out.
  11. Oh god no, then there will have to be another long thread on the random neighbours chick he saw, where he will be trying to find a way to approach her.
  12. & an update every night when he see her on tv!
  13. "I saw her on tv and tried to talk to her, but she ignored me"
  14. hahahah now that is FUNNY
  15. Blimey, is that programme still going? I remember wandering over to the set at Nunawading when I had no flying, some young kid called Minogue was there. Wonder what she's doing now.....
  16. :rofl:

    Cunny funts!!!

    I'd consider it, but nakeds and cruisers... cbf street fightering Saphy for two days... :/
  17. Just pull the two main side fairings off. Voila nekkid. (Yours has the reg/rec down near the exhaust, yeah?)

    Or ask to borrow [FLUX]'s fightered awesomeness abomination...
  18. I’m 46, but I could tie all my excess skin around the back of my head?
  19. Awwww...too old and my faired bike is too awesome!
  20. my rate is usually $200 a day.

    this said ill get my people to call your people and see what we can sort out