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Who uses the word "Moz" ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. Speaking to a certain V-squad member, she used the word "moz" in conversation !!! :?

    Moz ??? . . . Is there such a word ??

    It turns out its a south of the border bogan talk !!! :LOL:

    Anyone else use this word often ???

    . . . . i'm sorry, but this well spoken and refined Sydneysider has just never heard this word before !!! :p . . and i think other north of the border locals would agree !!

  2. Urban dictionary


    A jinx or curse, not usually causing serious malady but bringing persistent bad luck.

    An Australian colloquialism, possibly from Melbourne.

    1. looks like I've been mozzed
    2. they put the mozz on him just as he was about to win the the tournament.
  3. pffft, you made the word up !

    Lucky we are not playing Scrabble !
    Or else a playing board and a few tiles would have been doing some acrobatic displays !
  4. Mozz = mosquito? :LOL:
  5. LOL, I was typing in short hand :p
  6. You bunch sure have it mixxed up.... ;)

    Go replace the M in Mozzed, with an L .... ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Now those definitions are making more sence... :p
  7. :LOL: You beat me to it, Dave!! :LOL:.
  8. Talk to Deano, he uses it all the time. Especially around me.
  9. I've heard of Moz used in relation to hoodoo. A similarly sounding colloquialism is "Mockers".
    There is a Moz at DOCNSW who is also known as Rizzo. :cool: Dude.
  10. "Putting the moz on someone" and "I don't want to put the moz on ya" are very common expressions.
  11. i use the word moz sometimes... but i think it makes me sound like an oldie so i try not to :cool:
  12. hmmmm

    moz you say eh?, and you place said moz on each other eh?

    :? :LOL:
  13. Moz me baby....moz me now!
  14. Not that common, never heard of it in my life!
  15. yeah, same peeeah ! I've never heard it !
    I think its a south of the Murray thing ! :grin:

    He is Maltese-Aussie isn't he ???
    Thats why he is called Moz as in M(altese)-Oz(zie)
  16. LOL, I AM south of the Murray, still never heard it! :p
  17. Well, there goes that theory !! :?
    You must be an import then ! :rofl:
  18. Yep, don't want to put the Moz on ya! Has been around for a while cos I grew up with the word :wink:
  19. is there any immediate or long term side effects of having "moz" placed on you?
  20. Only if you believe in that skinhead tattooed voodoo doll that scrambles plays with when he is depressed ! :LOL: