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Who Uses Skype?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone here use Skype? If so is it any good and are there things I need to be aware of.
    I'm on 512/128 ADSL is that enough? My calls would be Skype/Skype.
    What charges are involved? What limits are imposed if any?
    I know this info is most likely on the Skype site but I'm asking from a users perspective.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Skype to skype is free.

    With your line speed you should get a good connection I used before to call skype to landlines. At the time I had 256/128 Adsl connection.

  3. Yep thats definately fast enough, assuming you're not downloading full speed whilst using it. Skype/Skype is free.

    I only used it once, but used ventrilo (similar) and teamspeak and other such things. If people poked me enough I could put up a netrider server for ventrilo :)
  4. yep :wink:

    It is, as long as you don't surf at the same time. That speed is good enough for video too. Keep in mind that there is 512/128 ADSL and there is 512/128 ADSL :shock: Sometimes, slow pings from wireless connections etc, can causes delays. That is, you run at 512/128 ADSL speed, but sometimes you stop on your track for a second,waiting for the ping reply, then run again, then stop..etc.. General speaking, your speed is good...

    I use it for Skype-Landline. It can speak for 30 min to a land line in greece and it would cost me the same as a land line in Sydney.. Calls to mobiles are just a bit cheaper than telstra, but landlines, once you go skype you dont go back

    It is easy to get credit for calls, credit card, $15, you can use it for ever..
    No restrictions, no ports to open, easy....
  5. Skype is great.... so is ventrilo and teamspeak.

    Maybe we need a netrider channel?
  6. I use Skype/Skype but it's with ADSL2+. I have a friend in Adelaide who I use it to talk to with Video enablesd as well. It's usually OK but occasionally the video lags a bit.
  7. I'm on dial up and i use Skype/Skype for audio no probs.

    I also use it at work as it's the only chat progam that not blocked by our firewall as we use it for calling person 2 person inter office, aparently it's saved us a shitload of $$$$
  8. Cool. Thanks for all the replys.
    It looks like the best (cheapest) way to keep in touch with Mrs 2wheelsagain. :)