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Who uses front brakes and ignores back

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by OscarA, Jun 26, 2010.

  1. Front brake only

    11 vote(s)
  2. Front and back always

    67 vote(s)
  3. Front brake only most of the time but sometimes both

    56 vote(s)
  1. I'm just curious on how people use their brakes. I find I'm always using just the front brake and rarely the back. I find using the back brake awkward and realise I more than likely need to practice more but just how many of us ignore the back brake.
    In an emergency stop using front and back will pull you up a few meters shorter but in the panic of the moment too much back brake could cause you to loose control and crash anyway.
    I was reading a thread in the general section about yesterdays wet weather where one posters mentioned coming to a stop in the wet using back brakes and loosing traction causing his bikes back end to swerve left and right and almost lost it.

  2. "lose, losing, lost"
  3. Spelling has always been my weak point. lol
  4. use both.... but yes, if you lock the rear in the wet you might fishtail.
    you can get by without the rear... it took me 6 months to getting around to changing the last rear brake pads that wore out... only problem is you don't execute perfectly level stops with minimal nose dive, so you display less awesomeness than usual.
    the front brakes are more powerful and more effective regardless, but the correct answer is use both.
  5. Both brakes are there for a reason. Negating to use the rear will land you in trouble.
  6. If you didn't need a back brake, the manufacturers wouldn't fit it....
  7. yep, use both....

    Locking rear can make you fishtail but locking front will more likely end up with an ouch moment!
    If anything, a rear lock leaves me with more control than a front lockup.
    Years ago (talking about early teens here) while mucking around with a mates mini bike, we had stupid challenges, one was the longest skid mark (on gravel) from your locked rear wheel while stopping.

    Err...... Same trick with front never quite went so well....
  8. it's a bit of a open question (the poll) in my opinion.

    at the track i dont use the rear brake... at all, but this is mainly due to the rear wheel being near on airborne and thus wont provide any braking force.

    on the road i use it for slow speed manouvers, e.g. going around a tight round-a-bout, pulling into my drive way, etc.... but that is it.

    have a look at this thread
  9. It's a stupid and dangerous question
    It should be deleted you should not even have to THINK about why you have a front and rear brake.
    Use your brains when braking and you will stay safe.
  10. Former MZ owners dont need brakes :wink:
  11. No such thing as a stupid question that's what I've always been told. If anything the replies only re-enforce the need for me to practice using both brakes to the point it no longer feels awkward.
    Thanks everyone, well almost everyone for your thoughts.
  12. i use the front brake when stopping from high speeds, and rear brakes for slow speed maneuvers. Although i've heard some people mention ratios for front to back brakes when stopping.
  13. Maybe I'm doing it wrong too.
    I tend to put the back brake on first in most situations.
    It transfers some weight to the front then I put on the front brake.
  14. Ask the little lady who did a "head over turtle" off a VTR 250 in the Pie Shop carpark the other day about the back brake. She was turning and grabbed the front at the same time; if she had used the back brake she wouldn't now be starring in a Netrider post :LOL:.
  15. There are times when you should use the rear brake only, such as slow riding, U-turns and so on, and there are times when you should use very little, if any rear brake.

    Search Netrider and you will find a lot of opinions and good information.

    PS: Your Poll didn't have an answer I could use.
  16. Let me know what it is and I'll see if I can ad it.

    I suppose the main aim of this poll was to see just how many of us actually use just the front or mainly the front. If I'm faced with a situation where I need to do an emergency stop what would I do. I'm so used to the front brake only that I'll probably stuff it up and crash if I tried using both. Chances are I'll not even think about applying the back brake in the panic of the moment as the need for it isn't instinctively there.
    By the looks of my poll I'm not the only one.

  17. No secret on how to learn correct braking, practice and making a habit of putting skills learnt into daily use is the key.
    Unlike a car, riders have options of choosing front, rear or both braking.
    There are methods for different situations and all a part of the craft of riding.

    Wouldn't be a bad idea to roll up toSaturday Morning Learner Practice and ask questions.
    Doug will be more that happy to help.
  18. This thread scares me.
  19. Why not look at doing a course??

    Sounds like you've lost some confidence if you're relying on what people write on Forums to dictate your thought process whilst on a bike

    I always try practice emergency braking at least once on every ride (check rear mirrors first....)
  20. Practice is exactly what I plan do to, this thread has highlighted one of my major flaws and one I will address to as soon as my next ride.
    I'm aware of the Saturdays learner practice group but unfortunately being a shift worker it makes it hard to attend and when I do have a Saturday off there's always something on.

    Perhaps but better to have people read this and be made aware of their flaws (if any) and perhaps do something about it.