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Who to insure with?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by KadeO, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I'll be picking up my bike as of next week (finally, right?!) and am trying to figure out who to go with.
    I'll be putting the bike in the old man's name, as I had my car licence suspended 2 years ago, I'm still on my l's with the bike & under 25.

    I've done an online quote with IMR, AAMI, & Swann, and at this point, Swann is highly in the lead. ($389 annually, with me listed. Actually wondering if that will change once I go to purchase said cover because of my history, assuming it would.)

    What's everyone's experiences with Swann, or what are some other suggestions?

  2. I insured my first bike with Swann, they seem to be overpriced. The two times which I called them , I was waiting for at least 30 min on hold before even hearing a human voice. The following year I decided to move to NRMA, which had much better customer service and turned out to be a bit cheaper.

    Although it was cheaper for me to move to NRMA, I have not yet made a claim with either of the companies and am not sure what the process would be like.

    Being under 25 and having lost your license recently, I do not believe that any insurance company would go easy on you with pricing.
  3. Funnily enough for me (21 year old, no previous claims) swann was actually the cheapest.
  4. Was this for a comprehensive or 3rd party?
  5. Over the years I've used swann QBE and now I'm with IMR . I've had different prices over the past 5 years for the same bike . I just go with the cheapest of the 3 .
  6. I'm happy with Insure My Ride. They put a lot into Australian motorcycle sport too.
  7. Previously I was with RACV who were dramatically cheaper.

    That said, considering the bikes I was insuring - this is not that astounding.

    Now I am with Swann - one of the cheapest I could find for my bike............however - for some reason this bike is NOT cheap to insure......

    Still trying to find out why?
  8. I've also done a quote with both me listed and unlisted & the only change with Swann was $60 odd. On top of that, the Kawasaki dealer I'm going through is an agent of Swann and are able to throw in a discount, from what they told me when I ordered the bike anyway.

    Any others were dramatically different, a quote I did with AAMI was 4,700. I understand why, but that's more than half my bike!

    More than happy to go with Swann, just wanted to make sure those that have been/ are with them are/were happy.
  9. Full comp on my ninja, came out to only 600 or so.
  10. Italian, rare, your riding it...


    I used to use RACV but who I use, for my bike with my history is of no relevance for you.
  11. Damn - you're right................who would've thunk it eh?

  12. Make sure you're comparing apples to apples. You need to actually read the PDS for each policy and factor in the "extras" that you want (eg gear) which may or may not be covered in the basic policies. For example, last time I checked, the basic RACV comp included a gear allowance that was extra in some others.

    My only claim experience was with RACV which were pretty good in my not-at-fault claim. I'm an old fart, though, and a gold member, so it costs me three parts of bugger all to insure my bikes. Your mileage will definitely vary.
  13. Weirdly enough we just got the insurance renewals for the RSV4s ... Now both bikes are identical , are both registered and insured to the same person with me as the additional rider ... No claims / fines blah blah , but the bike I rides renewal was almost $100 dearer ... HTF do they get their figures ??
  14. I dunno for me Swann has always been cheaper with good extras. They were also good when I made a claim.
  15. Hey mate,

    I was with Swann when I had my Ninja.
    Was quite expensive but having lost my Car licence a couple years back shot up the price for any insurance. was paying $1400 for my ninja.
    However when I wrote off my bike then covered my ninja for $5000 and covered all my gear $2500 worth.
    Did take 5-6 weeks to recieve my payout but in the end happy with them and were easy to deal with during the claim process.
    Cant comment on other insures tho.
  16. Thanks for the responses, everyone!

    I'll be signing (well dad will) with Swann for $398, with me listed as a secondary driver. I thought it would skyrocket, but I'm more than happy to pay that & start building a good rating.

    Might I add that I get to pick up my bike Monday afternoon. That cannot come quick enough, let me tell you!
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