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Who thinks Goz should audition for Mad Max 4 - Fury Road

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Takamii, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Whats a Goz ?

  4. Who is Mad Max ?

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  1. Soooo wadda ya reckon

    bad guy? - good guy ?- fat arse guy ?

  2. fat arsed guy for sure
  3. I just see the promos now

    He's still out there and he is still on your side - Mad Max Fury Road starring Goz's fat arse
  4. Don't know about Goz - but I'll nominate Loz for Mad Max - the Musical :)
  5. I think he should audition, and then get turned down cause he's too awesome for them ;) or maybe he'll get turned down for another reason, closer to reality lol
  6. Hmm Goz - conspicuous by his abscence
  7. His arse got too big and he can't stand up.
    It's good though because you can push him over and he rebounds back up. Like those dummies with all the weight at the bottom.
  8. Does anyone get confused between Goz and Loz?.......I havent met them both but their name is very similar.
  9. Smee -- "THIS IS SANTA "
  10. Well the production of the movie has temporarily been postponed, possibly till 2012. You see, they had all this rain, and now its too green and wet lol.
  11. So im guessing that its set at a desolate/baren/post apo landscape like the previous Mad Max?

    Instead of Tina Turner they should use Lady Gaga lol.
  12. Film it in WA.
  13. Whats a Goz? :LOL:
  14. i heard a rumour that Goz is what became of the feral kid in the original film.
    just wondered out into the NSW wastelands and got a haircut.

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  15. Does any one actually know who the casting agent is

    I have skills for this movie

    187cm tall

    Shave my head
    grow a fu-manchu like paul senior

    and stand around as an extra looking like a mean crazy bastard