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Who the hell leaves a new Harley outside in the weather ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by basejumper, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. I saw a 2 year old night rod special on gumtree with 800klms on it. The guy says its like new and will take $20k for it. Sounding good so far. Says it's been stored in a garage.
    I get there and I'm looking at what looks like a bike that's done 30000 klms ridden only in the rain. Rust on exhaust, brake components, even in the fcuking headlight. I see finger marks on inside of dash glass. I said to him that this must be a grey import for those to be there. It's even got a leak in oil cooler.
    I said where the hell was this stored? Oh yeah my son did have it in a carport for a while?
    He shows me a receipt he just got back from hd Gosford which lists a few electrical components that had corroded and had to be replaced.
    What sort of dick head leaves a new night rod out in the fcuking rain ?
    I lifted the seat and all the staples under the seat are all rusted.
    I'm devo, I told him I wouldn't even pay $10k for this piece of crap. It had scratches all over it as well.
    So if your looking at one on gumtree from Erina don't bother.
    Some people have no idea.

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  2. Does p**s you off when someone misrepresents the condition. You go to the trouble of travelling to check it out and it's real obvious it's, shall I say "not as good as they claimed".
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  3. Out of interest, what did the Gumtree photos look like? Gumtree may be interested in a person who does not provide an accurate description of goods for sale.....
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  4. The more I look at the photos the more I'm convinced they are not current pics and taken a long time ago.
  5. Sounds well dodgy, especially the finger prints.
    Did you happen to do a REVS check on the rego and VIN?
    It may answer some questions...or raise more.
  6. Since car companies have gotten good at preventing rust, we've kind of forgotten that coastal areas are tough on vehicles.

    Hardleys are still fundementaly crudley made vehicles. Most other brands should be able to stand a bit of weather.

    But yes, it does amaze me what people consider to be good condition. I've had my time wasted a few times. I don't think it's always lying. Sometimes it's just some people are on a differnt planet.

    Although it does appear this guy has been deliberatly deceptive. The RMS might be interested that he's wound back the kilometers.
  7. Understatement of the year......or just the honest inconvenient truth.
  8. It's a well known fact that every bike for sale was never raced or ridden in the rain.
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  9. I got laughed at by the real estate agent becuase I want a secure undercover garage for my bike! The car can rot on the street...but if someone pinched my baby
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  10. Here's the things I gleaned from the above

    It's 2 years old and has 800km on the odometer. There are finger marks on the inside of dash glass and the condition of the bike is ordinary. Alarm bells are ringing, and ringing loudly.
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  11. I think that is a given.
  12. You'd be surprised, or maybe you wouldn't, but there are actually people who wouldn't blink an eye at that and pay the money.
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  13. Oh well caveat emptor. :D
  14. Indeed. Some sellers are counting on such buyers. I've seen it more with second hand LAMS bikes, which is why I always suggest newbies take someone who has a clue with them when looking at 2nd bikes.
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  15. People are getting very clever when selling things. I spend a lot of time pointing out dodgy ads to my boys by way of educating them. Unfortunately, one did come unstuck on his first car, but he made lemonade out of a lemon and he turned it into a project which has taught him some valuable skills. It's almost complete.
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  16. Yep I looked on bikesales then at second hand bikes and got the heebie jeebies and my BS alarm pinged a bit...
    So as no one was around to hold my hand when buying, I decided stuff it, get a new one with a warranty to joust with if needed :)
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  17. And walk aroung telling everyone about the bargain they got.
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  18. Problem with Harleys amongst other things is lots of nooks and crannies that hold crap and plenty of alloy that needs polishing.That stuff can drive you nuts if your any way anal about shinny.
  19. It probably was grey import that sat ontop of the ship on the way over
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  20. i recently went to see a daytona that was up for sale- not the cheapest around but probably the worst example i had ever seen, everything that wasnt plastic was rusty, it even had spider webs in the tyre grooves.
    the seller was complaining about guys trying to low ball him, and i said i didnt blame them, the thing looked so dangerous i would have been worried riding it home...

    so with cash in hand, i had to drive home in peak hour - on the bloody monash.- hating life.
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